DOT officials trying to stop 9/11 graffiti on bridges, overpasses


Some graffiti popping up on highways has a lot of people talking, and the state isn't too happy about how a group of vandals are trying to get their message across.

Eyewitness News explains what it all means and the lengths one state agency is going to cut down on it.

When people drive around central Connecticut, it's hard to miss some of the graffiti popping up on bridges, overpasses and road signs that says "9-11 Truth," "W-T-C" and "Building 7."

All the phrases are scrawled across overpasses on some major highways. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is fed up with graffiti and doesn't have enough resources to keep up with it.

"It's finite resources," said Kevin Nursick, who is spokesman for the Connecticut DOT. "There are a lot of needs out there. There are limited funds."

And it's the taxpayers picking up the tab to clean it all up.

"I would estimate that annually we spend probably half a million to a million dollars dealing with graffiti," Nursick said.

But what does "9-11 Truth" even mean? And who is climbing up on bridges to do it?

Wayne Coste is a member of a group called the architects and engineers for 9-11 Truth. Coste said he's not sure who the vandals are, but he does know about the message they are trying to spread.

"The official story about what happened doesn't seem to add up," Coste said.

Coste, who is a structural engineer, got involved with the group about three years ago to try to answer his own lingering questions about the science behind the building collapses on 9/11.

As for what the "Building 7" graffiti refers to, Coste said, "Most people don't even know that a third major skyscraper was destroyed on 9/11."

Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane, but collapsed after a fire. People such as Coste contend the science behind that explanation doesn't add up and believe an explosion brought it down.

Coste said he doesn't condone the graffiti, but could see why it would be showing up

"There's somebody that's frustrated that the story isn't getting out," Coste said.

The controversial graffiti can be spotted in places that are pretty tough to reach by the average person.

"The folks that are doing it are using some sort of specialized equipment, repelling harnesses, etc.," Nursick said.

Risky moves by vandals put more than just their own safety at risk.

"They're putting the public at risk. If they fall, if something falls, you have cars below, people below," Nursick said. "And then you're putting our staff at risk because we have to go out there and deal with it."

DOT crews work on cleaning up the graffiti only when pressing issues are resolved.

One thing is certain - the graffiti has people talking and wondering.

"If there's some sort of truth that needs to be revealed, that we haven't seen yet," said Nick D'Amato, of Hartford, "I would be open to that."

"I don't really find a problem with it," said Joe Turnage, of Cromwell.

While others said they are just tired of the mess.

"Whoever's creating this type of environment should really look at the damage," said Hector Rodriguez, of Windsor.

Eyewitness News may not know who is doing it, but DOT officials said they no sooner get it painted over when it pops up again.

"There are places for people to express their opinions and beliefs," Nursick said. "Vandalizing state infrastructure is not one of them."

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Over my seven years / public 911 truth activism

This issue of vandalism has long been an issue of division for me from some with-in the 911 truth movement. I had to distance myself on several occasions from INFOWAR / WE ARE CHANGE activists who from time to time joined in our Edmonton911Truth group and tried add vandalism as a legitimate action to our already established 9/11 Civil Information Actions. Spray painted Graffiti re-911 or infowar stickers has been seen on public property in Edmonton for years and I've dreaded the negative impact this probably had on the 911 truth movement as a whole..

Today my website also home to Edmonton 911 Truth displays a policy that reads...

1/ This site is an Alex Jones INFOWAR CONSPIRACY FREE SITE
2/ This site promotes RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE, PROPERTY and the RULE OF LAW.
3/ This site promotes ZERO TOLERANCE to Hate, Racism, Islam-phobia and Antisemitism.

Recently I published this YouTube titled: Keep our City INFOWAR VANDALISM FREE!

The good news for me is I recently noticed on the INFOWAR website that they have removed the 9/11 truth section completely from their front page - GREAT I'M THINKING!
cause the farther the 911 truth movement is distant from Alex and his conspiracy shenanigans the better... (my opinion)


So then people shouldn't watch this absolutely brilliant presentation by David Icke at the Oxford Union because he believes in Lizard People (whatever that is)? If anyone hasn't seen this it is quite interesting and lizard free:

Oxford Union

I catch AJ from time to time, and I do suspect he has an agenda and perhaps even handlers but you sound like an old Bob Dylan fan sobbing when he went electric like that old fraud was ever genuine to begin with. Below he receives a medal from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama:

More Sobbing on my part ... RE: UNRELATED CONSPIRACIES

Here on his own YouTube an INFOWAR/ We Are Change activist named Jeff is caught vandalizing public and private property in Edmonton, Alberta Canada... What was the point of him involving the 9/11 truth movement of Edmonton with "INFOWAR'S Poison in the Tap Water Campaign?" I believe it was designed to hurt the local 9/11 truth movement by watering down the 9/11 truth message with unrelated conspiracy theories and a failed attempt to incriminate the local 9/11 truth group as vandals...

Watering Down 9/11 Truth with Poisonousness Tap Water and other unrelated conspiracies 
By Doug Brinkman

This is the story behind this YouTube 

A while back this guy I'll call Jeff, came by to help us share 9/11 civil information[ing] during one of our hundreds of actions in the city of Edmonton. Jeff was the one man member of the official WE ARE CHANGE/EDMONTON. Days later Jeff was caught watering down our 9/11 truth, with his own brand of cognitive infiltration. Jeff, placed his poison in the tap water INFOWAR agenda into his homemade youtube next to our 9/11 truth actions and immediately posted it on INFOWAR. It received over 5000 views world-wide. Edmonton 9/11 Truth, a small activist group that deals specifically with 9/11 issues only was now an unwilling participant of the INFOWAR "poison in the tap water agenda". (Infowar advertising profits come by selling gadgets with claims to cleaning and purifying city tap water during it's commercial breaks, they also claim fluoride is part of an agenda to kill people as a world depopulation ploy by the New World Order) The threat of a law suit over Jeffs video from Doug Brinkman, founder of Edmonton911Truth followed. Jeff eventually removed his deceptive video and disappeared. Was Jeff an infiltrator, an agent of deception for Alex Jone's Infowar? We may never know since Jeff's We Are Change/ Edmonton web site and youtube channel have long been inactive and no one has heard or seen of Jeff since. Alex Jone's of INFOWAR based in Austin Texas claims to be the leader of the 9/11 truth movement and continues to publish Jeff's now blank video on his "poison in the water conspiracy campaign". Fortunately for us, the integrity we earned and established in Edmonton over years as a legitimate 9/11 truth group remains intact as the damage caused by Jeff's deceptions were minimal. His infiltration if that was what it was , along with flu shot, and chem trail conspiracies have have effectively divided our group by distracting it's main focus from 9/11 truth. We went our separate ways after our group disbanded September 11, 2010 . Still friends, we get together from time to time for special 9/11 speaking events.

Wikipedia Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay. Although almost all major health and dental organizations support water fluoridation, or have found no association with adverse effects, efforts to introduce water fluoridation meet considerable opposition whenever it is proposed. Since fluoridation's inception in the 1950s, opponents have drawn on distrust of experts and unease about medicine and science.Conspiracy theories involving fluoridation are common, and include the following: Claims that: Fluoridation is part of a Communist, Fascist or New World Order or Illuminati plot to take over the world. This notion is mentioned, with comical effect, in Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. Fluoridation was designed by the military–industrial complex to protect the U.S. atomic weapons program from litigation. Fluoridation was pioneered by a German chemical company to make people submissive to those in power. Fluoridation was used in Russian prison camps and produces schizophrenia. Fluoridation is backed by the aluminium or phosphate industries as a means of disposing of some of their industrial waste. Fluoridation is a smokescreen to cover failure to provide dental care to the poor. Fluoridation researchers are accused to be in the pay of corporate or political interests as part of the plot. Specific anti-fluoridation arguments change to match the spirit of the time.

Political right / left never the route to follow 

posted on 9/11 Blogger by Doug Brinkman February 11, 2013

It seems wise that Political right / left is never the route to follow when it comes to establishing some common sense in understanding fluoride - So I left my political left at the door when I went out to look for answers - I didn't rely on the half baked truths of INFOWAR and DEADLINE -LIVE ( Political Right Media) for my personal research of fluoride in the water and toothpaste but instead started with my dental hygienist and next my dentist - several dentists I spoke to as a matter of fact. From there I contacted 3 levels of government who all have their own respective responsibilities when it comes to insuring our water is clean and safe for human consumption. I found my provincial government the most open, informative and easiest to obtain information - Next I researched articles released by WHO and learned more about the dangers of fluoride in the water.
Here's what I know today - All the people with-in all levels of government , including the WHO, my dental hygienist and all the dentists were a mix of educated, professional men and women, from all walks in life, with different political and religious views... Most all agreed ( except for one water manager with Epcor) that not only is this level of the toxin fluoride found in toothpaste and city drinking water SAFE for humans and the environment - It greatly helps prevent tooth decay... In parts of the world including Iran and Asia high levels of fluoride is found naturally in water according to WHO reports - Deemed UNSAFE by WHO, efforts are being made to find ways at reducing this bone and cancerous crippling toxin from drinking water from these areas. In Europe the table salt not the drinking water is fluoridated and has the same effect of helping to prevent tooth decay... Our table salt in North America is Iodized.
( with the exception of the one PR director I spoke to with the water utility company EPCOR ) EPCOR is a company based in Canada that manages water facilities around Canada and the USA - They do not respond to the studies made by governments, but rather follow the recommendations of those studies because they are only in the business of administrating water facilities.
Since our CANADIAN/ EDMONTON 911 truth action group was infiltrated and distracted by what I refer to as several infowarriors people, a mix of mis-informed activists who joined our 911 truth group specifically to promote the Alex Jones/ INFOWAR poison in the water, Obama deception, Flu Shot conspiracies agendas our small group became inundated with disagreements - We finally disbanded September 2010 and all went our separate ways - We still get together when guys like AE911 Richard Gage AIA and Dr Neil Harrit comes to town cause we still share the common belief (bond) that the towers were brought down through controlled demolition and Canada needs an independent public investigation of 9/11 - That was the glue that kept us together - and it was the un-related conspiracies and political agenda of INFOWAR/ DEAD-LINE LIVE that divided us ...
YOUTUBE - 2011 Protest at Edmonton City Hall

So,let me get this straight.

So,let me get this straight. Fluoridation of tap water began in the 1950's,which means all the dentists you interviewed had NEVER seen a patient who had NOT been drinking fluoridated tap water for DECADES. How is that a basis for comparison? Remember that doctors & scientists are JUST PEOPLE and are subject to the Powers that Be same as everyone else. They may practice ONLY IF they have a license from the PTB,etc. They read journals (But are not themselves involved in the studies) & simply parrot the conclusions. They accept,as a matter of faith,what they are told knowing if they strayed from the herd & say something contrary to consensus/dogma there will be personal consequences for them PERSONALLY.
When the Powers That Be was the Catholic Church,the scientific CONSENSUS was that the earth was flat and the Sun revolved around it. Never forget that.


Not only the 9/11 Truth Movement in Edmonton was infiltrated with trashy unrelated conspiracies by INFOWAR - This past spring as a reporter I outed these Alex Jones clones for infiltrating the Monsanto anti GMO cause with poison in the tap water chemtrail conspiracies and other nutty conspiracy theories...

Civil Information Activist Doug Brinkman -
Edmonton Joins the march against GMO giant Monsanto 430 cities from around the planet​ : Edmonton May 25, 2013. Organizers say two million people marched in protest against seed giant Monsanto in hundreds of rallies across Canada, the U.S. and dozens of other countries on Saturday.

Just around 1000 protesters marched through the Old Strathcona area of Edmonton. It's a march aimed at rallying against a corporate giant which many believe has become the enemy of sustainable healthy food. A few hot tempers flared by drivers inconvenienced by the march holding up traffic while EPS kept their distance during the march.

At the end of a drizzly over-cast day with less than 100 some protesters left, an open mike had INFOWAR protesters turn the focus away from GMO Monsanto and spotlight their own brand of unrelated conspiracies such as chemtrails covering our skies, dangerous flu-shots, and the dangers of fluoride in our tooth-paste and drinking water conspiracies.

The Final Insult from INFOWAR - 900 Petitioned Signatures Wasted

A YouTube Message to Paul Dewar and ALL MPs in Ottawa  

To MP  The Honorable Paul Dewar

cc MP  The Honorable Linda Duncan 
My MP of Edmonton Center - The Honorable Laurie Hawn 
CC Friends and Supporters of 9/11 Truth / Edmonton

From Doug Brinkman
Former 9/11 Truth Activist

RE- Edmonton 9/11 Truth does not support the unethical dis-respectful approach WE ARE  CHANGE OTTAWA  chose by singling out one Canadian MP in Ottawa and publicly disrespecting him on a Social Media YouTube. NDP MP Paul Dewar did not want to read  the 1400 "Investigate 9/11 in Canada" petitions in the House of Commons, and I for one as a 9/11 truther except and respect Paul Dewar's position. As a Civil Information Activist the first rule I abide by is "Think For Yourself and Allow others the Privalige of doing so too" 

From the 1400 signatures collected calling for a made in Canada Independent Public Investigation of 9/11 - 900+ of which were collected by me only in Edmonton 
In February of 2011, my guest speaker Chemist Dr.Neils Harrit of Copenhagen University Denmark, along with Professor Anthony J.Hall of Lethbridge University (Globalization Studies Department) were some of the first signatures to sign a petition calling upon the Government of Canada to conduct a made in Canada Independent investigation of 9/11. (See Video
For the next 7 months I would volunteer my time and efforts collecting signatures for this petition from Edmonton's Universities and Farmers Markets accompanied with leaflets titled 9/11 Blueprint For Truth. I talked with over 2000 people over the hundreds of hours I worked to obtain over 900 signatures for a 9/11 investigation. I estimated 1 in 2 Edmontonians wanted to see an investigation of 9/11 but most were doubtful anyone in Ottawa would be brave enough to challenge the official 9/11 story, never mind reading a petition of 1400 Canadian voices.
Edmonton/ Strathcona Linda Duncan told me personally she would not read this same petition for a 9/11 investigation in Parliament. She claimed "NO ONE IN OTTAWA LISTENS TO PETITIONS." I was upset to hear this fact that no one listens to petitions read, and her strong position of not reading this important petition for a 9/11 investigation.  But I respected her decision regardless! After September of 2011, after ending 7 months collecting petitions, I entrusted the 900+ petitions into the hands of David Long of WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA, adding my 900 plus to his 400 collected from Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa area.

A SERIOUS MISTAKE - I've learned this December 2012. 

Today David Long and his WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA friends are using those signatures I collected in part to attack you  personally for not wanting to read those petitions in Parliament. This petition has become political issue as almost all those alternative media outlets they added as credits on this shameful video include the likes of Alex Jones/ Infowar - known for his right wing political rants - some of which contain bazaar untrue conspiracies, often attacking the political left. 


They signed those petitions for a 9/11 Investigation in Canada.
Many signatures I collected came from NDP, Liberal, and Conservatives supporters! This was suppose to be a NON POLITICAL PETITION. They did not want to see these petitions used to harass any one MP in Ottawa,  especially not used to single out NDP's Paul Dewar as shown in this following shameful YouTube titled/ LINKED Canadian 9/11 Petition: History, Follow Up With Paul Dewar And Future (feat.WAC OTTAWA)

David Long of WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA tells me the office of Paul Dewar refuses to release the petitions. I don't believe that...  So I am taking the initiative and responsibility on behalf of the Edmontonians I got to sign that petition to assure these petitions are placed into the hands of an MP in Ottawa willing to read them aloud in the House Of Commons. The approach David Long of WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA  has chosen to center out Paul Dewar's wish's not to read this petition in Parliament is unethical irresponsible and hurts the integrity and spirit of this petition. 

Please Mr. Dewar accept my public apology 

Please send the 900+ portion of petitions collected from Edmonton back to me so that I may find another MP willing to read this petition on behalf of Edmontonians. 

Web Page of Dr. Niels Harrit's 
lecture tour across Canada and the petition drive in Edmonton that followed... LINK
Respectfully Yours
Doug Brinkman

Those 900 signatures are now trashed thanks to WAC/ INFOWAR

The 900 plus signatures I collected by myself that was later used as a political attack against the NDP by WAC Ottawa are now trashed.

I took a break from it all for almost a year until I was asked to help bring Richard Gage to Edmonton on stage speaking at the Stanley Milner Library on 9/11. Our small group got back together and put on the show with the financial help from Vancouver 911 Truth...
Last Spring without the help of INFOWAR/ WAC I commenced with another 9/11 civil information action at the Alberta Legislature...

Edmonton's Meek little mice & Gandhi's relaunch 9/11 Civil Actions after 420 Rally
By Doug (Nobody) Brinkman - April 20, 2013
Civil Information Activism -

Critic & 9/11 Truther Jack Blood formerly of American Freedom Radio has never been a fan of "Civil Information Activism" as he would rather you get mad and scream at the top of your civil resistance lungs "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!"
Edmonton 911 Truthers may have been like meek little mice and Gandhi's but no one including Jack Blood can deny the profound effect Civil Information Actions have had on Edmonton when it came to raising the awareness to the questionable events of 9/11.
YouTube Playlist - 40 Reports 9/11 Civil Information Actions March 2007 to date...

Final Thoughts...
To Orangutan. Sorry for going way off topic here, but I think that much of the hooligans behind the vandalism, violence and hate is inspired daily by the likes of Alex Jones and their advertising driven questionable conspiracies - The further we can separate ourselves from the likes of INFOWAR the better for the public perception of what 911 truth stands for. I remember my first experience learning what INFOWAR stood for - We had an INFOWAR activist in 2007 attack a nearby Masonry Hall by vandalizing it's mailbox with INFOWAR 9/11 stickers during our first ever 9/11 action. I knew then that INFOWAR was going to be a problem for the 911 truth movement. We must actively and publicly condemn vandalism, violence, racism and hate - that includes blaming the 9/11 attacks on Jews...


Weird Re: Alex Jones and 9/11 Truth

I never saw that till you pointed it out since I don't go there as much these days. But yeah Alex Jones has removed 9/11 Truth from home page. What does that mean?? I find it kind of disconcerting

Not an INFOWAR issue...

Alex rarely talks about 9/11 on his show according to the publisher of "Leaving Alex Jonestown" who follows his show regularly . I tune in from time to time and never hear anything about 9/11 unless guests like Richard Gage is invited on his show. In past Alex Jones has claimed being leader of the 911 truth movement and what's interesting is Jonathan Kay author of "Among the Truthers" claims the same of Alex in his book. For a long time Jones claimed he predicted the 911 attacks...

Used to be a MAJOR infowar issue

I remember back in 2005-06 when I first got into 9/11 Truth tuning in Alex Jones show every day. I cut my 9/11 Truth teeth on the Alex Jones show and He covered it day after day back then and did so for the 3 years or so that I listened to him. Every day you tuned in and went to looking for something new about 9/11. He used to exhort us to the fight, to get into 9/11 Truth activism, you know to get busy on social media like DIGG and to go out to the streets with our 9/11 Truth banners, phone talk radio shows, talk to our politicians about 9/11 truth etc etc Now I'm sorry to say it looks like he's dropped the issue. That is disappointing

Alex with Megaphone

Alex was out in front of the fallen WTC with a megaphone blasting the truth and it's sad that he now has more or less dropped the topic. As to some of the other issues here - fluoride - it's so toxic that workers handling the drums have to wear hazmat suits. It has no effect on cavities - all cherry picked false results.

As to graffiti, everyone forgets it was condoned by Norman Mailer in a book, The Faith of Graffiti 1973 and from then on was accepted by polite society as art - UNFORTUNATELY. As to the $1/2 -1 million annually it takes to clean off CT highways, why not hold an investigation in CT into the fall of the WTC instead. It would be cheaper for the state - until then graffiti is the only way to get the word out economically.

Fluoride is not a 9/11 Truth issue - get there own movement

Sorry I disagree - Fluoride is safe by the amounts used in city drinking water and it does help prevent against tooth decay as MOST experts, scientists and dentists agree - "megaphones" Alex did put on a show as did some of his INFOWARRIOR peers... But In Edmonton we quickly stopped using megaphones in 2007 when we learned we were pissing people off rather than informing them and educating them with researched evidence of controlled demolition, WTC7 and Nano Thermate in the WTC dust... So we did weekly actions at the farmer's markets, rallies, festivals, football games and busy street corners for 5 years instead - People love to talk face to face - they do not like getting yelled at "911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!" - We continued on with more civil approaches with film events and speaking conferences - "Edmonton Questions 9/11"... I think people like to be treated with respect rather than getting yelled at...

I'll bet you a Canadian Loonie to your American Dollar most people in America would be pissed off seeing "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" graffiti splashed all over public and private property...

It never was a GENUINE infowar issue

Having 911 critique linked with Alex Jones was always a negative, a liability.

Talk about 'smear by association' for the truth movement, having Alex Jones self-proclaim as its leader!

If the Powers That Be hadn't had Alex Jones to channel the truth movement under his drawling, brawling megaphone - so off-putting to so many, particularly non-Americans - they'd have had to invent him.


I'm looking for a link to the website run by the former wife of the pilot
who flew Reagan et al to Europe to negotiate the non-release of the
Iranian prisoners until after Reagan's inauguration.
Does anyone have that one?

Graffiti is a double edged

Graffiti is a double edged sword as regards 9/11 Truth. On one hand, I am all for spreading the word and "street art"/graffiti does get a lot of visibility. However, many people dislike graffiti and therefore messaging in this style will associate 9/11 truth with vandalism. Not sure where to stand on this....

In this case it was a plus

Wayne Coste would not have been on the news to advocate the position of AE911Truth and to disapprove of graffiti (while sympathizing with the frustration of those whose message is being ignored) without the graffiti providing the story.

Yes, this is a positive news item.

Agreed. This news item was rational and nicely balanced, in contrast to some of the infantile hit-pieces that have infested the corporate media in recent years. The mention of Building 7 was especially valuable.

There is no bad ink

And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls"
And whispered in the sounds of silence'

Reach the Most Eyes Possible

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell