NIST Notified of Discrepancies

The following email has been sent to NIST director Patrick Gallagher and Public Affairs officer Michael Newman.

This concerns many errors/omissions in the NCSTAR 1-9 Report.


Dear Mr. Newman,

On March 16, 2012 I wrote your office with an inquiry about certain errors in the NCSTAR 1-9 report. Your reply follows:


Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:49:50 -0400
Subject: Your Inquiry on NIST NCSTAR 1-9

Dear Mr. Cole,

Joseph Main forwarded your e-mail of March 16 to me for handling. Our researchers looked into the issue you raised and found that there is indeed an error in the drawing number cited for Figure 8-16 in NIST NCSTAR 1-9, Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence of World Trade Center Building 7. The drawing used in Figure 8-16 was “Structural Drawing S8” rather than “Erection Drawing E12/13”. Figure 8-16 is used to locate features of the floor framing, and either drawing would serve this purpose. The differences between the two drawings are minor, involving some notes that appear in one drawing but not the other. The information of interest is the same in both drawings, and the error in the drawing number referenced does not affect any observations, findings or conclusions in the NCSTAR 1-9 report.

NIST will include an erratum to the report to indicate this correction.

Thank you for catching this error.

Michael Newman
NIST Public Affairs

Given that as a result of my inquiry, NIST issued an Erratum (April 2012) concerning Figure 8-16, making reference to a specific drawing (structural drawing, Cantor S-8), and given the fact that a similar Erratum (June 2012) addressed the seat width and walk off distances for the 13th floor, column 79 girder connection, also making reference to a specific drawing (Frankel #1091), I have a number of pertinent questions regarding other Figures in NCSTAR 1-9.

Technical Questions:
In NCSTAR 1-9, which design drawing was used to create

• Figure 8-21?
• Figure 8-23?
• Figure 8-26?
• Figure 8-27?
• Figure 11-16?
• Figure 11-19?
• Figure 12-24?
• Figure 12-25?

Given that Frankel drawing #9114 shows 3/4" web/flange stiffeners installed on the girder at the 13th floor column 79 connection, why weren't the stiffeners reported in NCSTAR 1-9 and shown in the figures listed above?

Was Frankel drawing #9114 used? If not, why not?

Errata referenced above: (April 2012) (June 2012)