Obama Promises, Including Whistleblower Protections, Disappear From Website

Amid the Obama administration's crackdown against whistleblowers, Change.gov, the 2008 website of the Obama transition team laying out the candidate's promises, has disappeared from the internet.

The Sunlight Foundation notes that it last could be viewed on June 8, which was two days after the first revelations from Edward Snowden (who had then not yet revealed himself) about the NSA's phone surveillance program. One of the promises Obama made on the website was on "whistleblower protections:"

The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment on why the page was deleted.

Huff Post

"We will restore science to it's rightful place"

uh ... the laws of physics were not suspended for one day on 9/11/2001

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I really appreciated this commentary--does a lot to sum up the whole experience since 2008: