9/11 Truth Graffiti bombing

All new footage has been posted to youtube of the 9/11 Truth graffiti. Some really daring work which resulted in the local news showing the collapse of WTC7.



I have new heroes!

Bold, brave, brilliant and beautiful

I can't think of a more constructive use of a potential misdemeanor, than exposing the high crimes of 9/11.

More coverage of the efforts in the Northeast...

Hopefully this free type of activism, along with the call in efforts of CSPAN, and combined with the advertising campaign at ReThink911.org, will put us over the edge toward mainstream acceptance of 9/11 Truth and the critical mass needed for justice regarding these crimes and a return to the rule of law!!

A suprisingly balanced approach to the subject of 9/11 truth graffiti on Connecticut highways.


DOT officials trying to stop 9/11 graffiti on bridges, overpasses


Something we all can do...

Let's keep up the good work and keep spreading the positive news...

Great work. Has to be done.

Great work. Has to be done. Saw this on a local bus stop a month back and had to snap a pic.

 photo IMG_1737Sm_zpsdea17d63.jpg


The nerves of this fellow must be made of WTC7 A36 steel.