Residents Of New Hampshire Speak Out For ReThink 9/11

Gerhard Bedding, Barbara Hull Richardson former State Representative, Mark Basile, Mike Blastos former Mayor of Keene and others join together in support of a New Independent Investigation.

Good one to spread!

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"NIST, you can't have it BOTH ways!" I love this line. NIST claimed in the technical briefing that free-fall is impossible and then admitted that it occurred. So they admit their final report is IMPOSSIBLE without explosives. This is a checkmate point that needs to be used more.

NIST’s lead technical investigator, Shyam Sunder, stated in the WTC 7 technical briefing that free fall could only happen when an object “has no structural components below it.”[ii] The only way for a building to have no structural components below it is to remove the lower structural components with an external force such as explosives. The final WTC 7 report admits freefall occurred for over 100 feet or 2.25 seconds.


Way to go New Hampshire.