"Then the truth will come out" (Legislators,Pundits & 9/11 Controlled Demolition Questions PART 3)

Federal legislators and pundits are asked questions about 9/11 controlled demolition evidence on C-SPAN's program "Washington Journal".


Highlights in this series of calls include:

*AE911Truth is mentioned and its webpage is displayed on Washington Journal.

*Senator Roger Wicker admits he has close, personal friends who question 9/11.

*Stuart Reid of the CFR's Foreign Affairs magazine uses a question about Building 7 to make a jab at Rand Paul.

*Congressman Alan Grayson's gives a diplomatic response to a caller's question about Building 7.

This is Part 3 in a series.

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Democrats: 1-202 585-3880

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Independents: 1-202-585-3882

It is on live every day at 7AM -10AM EST

Great and Inspiring Viewing...

Hopefully this along with the efforts of the graffiti artists in the Northeast and the ReThink911.org campaign will put us over the edge of critical mass or at least inch us a lot closer to the tipping point of achieving widespread acceptance of the Truth about 9/11. Thanks to ALL involved. Keep pushing.

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NIST's Contradiction

I love it, callers! Let's point out that NIST itself stated in their technical briefing of 2008 that free-fall would be impossible for a building collapse because "it would mean no structural components below." Then they admitted in their report that free-fall occurred!

This makes it about NIST and their own endorsement of the impossible instead of about "conspiracy theorists who have a right to their opinion" vs. the government.

In fact, NIST's acknowledgment of free-fall for 105 feet or 2.25 seconds (a measurable quantity) shows that explosives removed the structural components below. Obviously, a skyscraper can't free-fall through its own core structure.

Love it!

This is awesome, people! As the NIST admission of free fall keeps being forced into mainstream political discussion, some congress-critters are going to have to decide which side of history they want to end up on . . .


i used to love this show. i think we should give specific credit to architects and engineers for 911truth. work in the info viewers can use to check this out for themselves, whether or not the host asks, as one did; 'viewer, where are you getting this info?' that was a good , but missed opportunity to specifically mention names like kevin ryan, niels harrit, stephen jones, richard gage.. great to push ae911truth/richard gage's documentary '911 explosive evidence; experts speak out.'(say it's 'most watched on public tv website after it was shown on colorado public tv. that fact alone gives it credibility to all the 'npr liberals' out there who think they're so well informed. perhaps it will inspire them to ask their local npr/pbs station to carry such shows as did colorado public tv when it broadcast 'blueprint for truth', 'press for truth,' and 'eso.'
every time the host immediately changes the subject and dismisses a caller mentioning 911 truth, it is such transparent avoidance/evidence of direction/thought control from on high, thousands of viewers must be becoming 'curiouser and curiouser.' that emperor is getting more and more naked!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!