Coast To Coast AM - August 31 2013 - Other 9/11 Suspects - C2CAM Daily - John B. Wells

Kevin Ryan interviewed on nationally syndicated radio program, Coast To Coast AM, August 31, 2013. The show is broadcast on more than 500 stations across the US and Canada and averages 2 million listeners.

Dang, Only Two to Three Million People Heard this.


Host John B Wells showed real guts

Where his predecessor George Norry would tap dance around the evidence and exclaim incredulity that USGov could be involved in 9/11, this new Coast to Coast host John Wells did nothing of the kind. Every step of the way he asked smart questions and underscored Kevin's salient points. The host was 100% certain that controlled demo was the cause in all 3 "collapses". Very encouraged to hear this utter lack of equivocating from the host of a show that pulls 2 million listeners. Kevin Ryan, your case is so strong it's ridiculous that anyone could hear you and mount a real counter argument. You really made the most of that guest appearance. Well done.

Credit Joe Stokes

w/ the idea to get Kevin on C2C with John B. Wells. Some people emailed the show and I followed up with a phone call to the executive producer, Lisa Lyon. She's also on our side. I still had her number and personal email from a couple of years ago when we scheduled Richard Gage in that debate format.

Top-notch interview! Good to know a few million people heard this. It was also posted on AE's Facebook page and went out to 173,000 people for further reach.


I heard Ryan's Coast to Coast AM interview.
He said that the Jet fuel exploded. No doubt there was an explosion but it was not Jet A.
Jet A does NOT explode at sea level unless heated.
There is 40 years of research data showing this. This includes 6 years of quality sampling data accumulated by NASA.

I have links and excerpts of data posted over on a forum board you might want to review for your own satisfaction that Jet A does not explode. In fact a 20 joule spark immersed in Jet A will not ignite it.

The photo taken by david handschuh , if real, shows an explosion from the side "the plane" enters on.

Deflagrate is the correct term.

Aerosolized hydrocarbons (which is what you get in a high speed jet crash) are easily ignited, and like many flammable aerosols will burn subsonically.

You can find examples of Jet A burning rapidly in a variety of aircraft crash footage. It's usually ignited by the engine, but in a high speed crashes there are plenty of other opportunities.

Two low speed examples:

"In fact a 20 joule spark immersed in Jet A will not ignite it."

There is no oxygen if you immerse an ignition source. Not surprising.

From the linked thread...

"For the fuel to explode you would need a containment vessel."

Fuel requires oxygen to burn (as already noted, it does not explode). In a pulse detonation engine, you might call that an explosion, but obviously that's near stoichiometric mixing and not STP.

Fuel air mixtures are infamious for _not_ needing a containment vessle to deflagrate.

"If real"? Use evidence. We have 50+ angles of that crash on video, many which show the impact face.