Denying The Obvious - NIST, Bažant and the 9/11 Debunkers

This is cool.

A lot of this footage I haven't seen.

Well done.

Importance of free fall, per Bazant

Bazant, referring to free fall and CD:

(Note: he is describing WTC 1 and 2, not 7.)

"The video record available for the first few seconds of collapse is shown to
agree with the motion history calculated from the differential equation of progressive collapse but,
despite uncertain values of some parameters, it is totally out of range of the free fall hypothesis, on
which these allegations rest."

That's from the abstract of

The "allegations" are, of course, about CD.

Analysis of Bazant's quote leads to a maze of problems, including his own values given for initiation of WTC 1 and 2 collapses, as well as the fact that a CD can proceed slower than free fall depending on how it is engineered.

However, my salient point is the importance Bazant gives free fall, at a time pre-dating NIST's WTC 7 publication.