'9/11 was an inside job' says Italian member of parliament on floor of house.

Paolo Bernini speaking in parliament on 11th September. Screenshot. Repubblica TV/Camera dei Deputati

'9/11 was an inside job': Italian MP

Published: 12 Sep 2013

An Italian MP has described the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in which around 3,000 people were killed, as "an inside job" and slammed the official version of events as a "conspiracy".

Bernini, an MP for the Five Star Movement (M5S) was speaking in parliament on Thursday, the 12th anniversary of the attacks.

He said that the official version of the event has been "proved wrong from every point of view".

"It’s clearly false and by now, the world has realized."

On 11th September 2001 terrorists hijacked four planes in the US; two crashed into New York’s World Trade Centre, another struck the Pentagon in Washington, while the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers fought against the hijackers.

But Bernini believes the account of what happened is a "conspiracy".

“We will probably never know the truth, but it is definitely completely different to the story told by mainstream media. In which case you can say that everything that you know is false and, as the American phrase goes, ‘It was an inside job’,” he said.

The 26-year-old, elected in February in the central Emilia-Romagna region, went on to elaborate on Twitter.

When contacted by The Local, the US embassy in Rome said it was unaware of Bernini’s statements.


I hate to pull rank, but.......

Most of the people that are lead investigators in the 9/11 Truth movement have college educations with many holding advanced degrees. This is an intellectual movement and unfortunately the rank and file American is out-classed by these people as most of them lack higher education. Of the education they do have, according to a Wall Street Journal article, the instruction is so poor that a majority of Americans don't understand basic science, so this stuff falls on deaf ears.

I don't believe that is entirely true..

and maybe a bit short sighted for you Peter from your many quite insightful viewpoints you usually post. Certainly there is an intellectual set whose research and prestige add credibility to the cause, but I don't believe our biggest obstacle is intellect. I think our biggest obstacle overall is "group think", both the strong cohesive mind of the public and the lack of a cohesive message for truth.

When I speak with most people about the observable and obvious technical failures of the official story they get it. People understand Newton's 3rd law because it's meaning transcends the physical measurement of opposing energies into more abstract meanings. It is self-evident to most people so when I task them to apply it to the North Tower by calculating how many floors could a 12 story section destroy falling straight down into 98 floor, they invariably answer 12 which is of course correct. After they answer 12, I challenge them to explain how the remaining, heaver, stronger, 86 floors got destroyed and their faces gloss over as the mammoth lie starts to be exposed. Now, I should clarify that I only go through this exercise with people after I asked people when was the last time they have seen the full collapse of the towers. People try to argue points using "official narrative" talking points with me and I find out they haven't watched the full destruction of the towers since 9/11. So I just point them to or show them David Chandler's South Tower smoking guns or N Tower exploding video. For many, seeing is believing. The video "This is an Orange" works great to.

Our goal with each person should be to motivate them enough to tell one other person. No need to sign a petition, write their congressman, bullhorn city hall, or anything like that. Great if they do, but if they just tell one other person, it can start a momentum. We also need a focused message with an actionable goal to reach. We can't have another JFK where 80% or more of people reject official narrative, but still no justice and our history books remain unchanged. A tall order indeed. I run into a lack of intellect, I run into apathy, willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance, and fear. Few are willing to speak out. But if we can find a common denominator to focus our message on, such as the painfully obvious lie that is WTC 7, we can prevail. I think we can charge those at NIST with filing a fraudulent report to congress in regards to WTC 7 now that the photo's of John Gross on the pile with Swiss cheese steel.

I think with the recent photos of John Gross on the pile pictured with swiss cheese steel, we should have enough to charge the NIST authors with filing a false and fraudulent report to congress. Just my two cents.

Keep up the faith though and don't get too discouraged. Keep speaking truth to power. Keep informing the uninformed. the truth will prevail.


Thank you.....

I am really frustrated, one because a lot of people are saying that we are headed for just this, as you stated: "We can't have another JFK where 80% or more of people reject official narrative, but still no justice and our history books remain unchanged." And two, did bikers really have an anti-Muslim rally in D.C.? Was that the goal of that rally? So much has happened this week that I missed hearing about what the theme of the rally was and I was shocked to hear that that was their mind set. Is that true, really? I thought we had outgrown that whole Klan mentality thing. Anyway thanks.


Maybe for those with very little grasp of basic physics, perhaps one can shed some light in terms of something they can understand:

If you set fire to the top of a tall tree and wait.... what will happen to the trunk of the tree below the fire, no matter how fiercely the fire is raging?

(a) Nothing.
(b) It will collapse into its own footprint, vertically downwards, in a cloud of fine sawdust.