Abby Martin speaks with Bob Mcilvaine

Abby Martin speaks with Bob Mcilvaine, father of a 9/11 victim about the unanswered questioned that linger twelve years after the event, highlighting the glaring omissions in the 9/11 Commission report.

Abby Martin remarks on how the American political and media establishment has marginalized those who question the US government's official narrative on the events of 9/11.

Good work

Good work Abby.

Thank you Abby to you and

Thank you Abby and your producers for striving to raise consciousness
Mr Mcilvaine and family members worldwide are learning the hard way about the system's lies and that it is a corpse
The predator within us all take notice - we're catching on, becoming Conscious, and your effect of using materialism and/or deals with the devil to manipulate us will lessen, and ultimately, there will be less and less of us humans to feed off of...

"Freedom lies in being bold"
Robert Frost

"True freedom lies in becoming Conscious"

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

I was wondering if Bob M. has looked into the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit against Stratesec and/or Silverstein properties for the death of his son. He could base this case on the explosive witness testimony as well as the evidence for molten steel and thermitic materials. AE911Truth could be called as expert eyewitnesses.

Someone like William Pepper should agree to pursue without cost, taking a percentage of the settlement if successful.

Exposition -- not Investigation

Half the country doubts the official 9/11 story and wants an INVESTIGATION. This half of America are the "Truthers."

Half the country buys the official 9/11 story and is content with an EXPOSITION. This half of America are the "Liars."

You're either a truther or a a liar. (anti-truther). You either want an investigation or you don't. Because as Ben Veniste says, we never had one.