Coast To Coast Am - September 11 2013 - 9-11 Truth (Massimo Mazzucco) / Spying on Democracy

Coast To Coast Am - September 11 2013 - 9-11 Truth (Massimo Mazzucco) / Spying on Democracy - C2CAM Daily - George Noory

9-11 Truth/ Spying on Democracy
Date: 09-11-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Massimo Mazzucco, Heidi Boghosian

In the first half, Italian filmmaker and investigative journalist Massimo Mazzucco talked about his ongoing research into the 9-11 attacks, and why he's concluded that the official version of the events is false. In recent years, the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) have brought forward a solid scientific argument that Mazzucco believes both confirms the theory of controlled demolition of the Towers, and disproves the official theory that the collapse was due to gravity.

"When they tell you that four people who had never flown a jet before (they only flew little airplanes), suddenly jump into the cockpit of planes...and perform maneuvers that are described as never seen before by air traffic controllers, and practically impossible by military pilots with 30 years of experience," you don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to doubt the official explanation for 9-11, he remarked. Mazzucco pointed out that it was unlikely that none of the four black boxes were ever found, as well inconsistencies in the official story regarding the collapse of Building 7, which they blamed on fire. He also revealed the little known fact that by the year 2000, the Port Authority, which owned the Twin Towers, was facing an asbestos removal bill of about $1 billion-- the cost of building new towers.


Appearing in the second half, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild and host of the "Law and Disorder" radio show in New York, Heidi Boghosian, addressed the extent to which the US government is actively acquiring personal information on Americans through their phone calls, emails, and Internet usage. She warned that the government now has the means to suppress the most essential tools of democracy. For instance, they have spied on some reporters, and threatened them with charges of espionage and conspiracy. We really have "an affront, not only to the Constitution, but for an open society where we can keep the government in check rather than having them control us," she stated.

She cited how multinational corporations have sometimes partnered with the government in their surveillance efforts. For example, a secret program called the Hemisphere Project actually paid AT&T employees to work alongside DEA agents, sharing phone records dating back to 1987, without a judicial warrant. "It's a simplistic argument to say that if we don't have anything to hide, we have nothing to worry about," she said. "Because the more we allow spying on various aspects of our lives" (via such technology as drones, RFID, video cameras, and biometrics), our rights are whittled down, and "we have virtually no privacy left." Yet, Boghosian remains hopeful that there's a sea change taking place, among both US citizens and lawmakers, and that the current surveillance overreach will be scaled back.

From a mainstream engineering journal

Massimo, here's a paper you're probably familiar with. I send it in response to the "retired fireman" given the final word (beginning around 1:14:10). As you know, there are other peer-reviewed 9/11 papers now in mainstream journals; I link to this one because it is so recently published and because it is readily available in complete form.

It argues against Bazant's collapse theories for WTC 1 & 2. It says the buildings should not have collapsed, except perhaps in isolated areas.

The paper is in The International Journal of Protective Structures:

The authors even suggest the possibility of fraud, or at least preconceived computations, by Bazant (p122):

"The conclusion from all of this is that the results of [2] were, at best, grossly in error because of the flaws mentioned earlier, or, at worst, processed to match the lower bound of the observed fall time."

Additionally, the "retired fireman" (on radio) states the Twin Towers fell due to damage from thermal expansion. He is ignoring the obvious: thermal expansion has not caused other steel-framed high-rises to collapse.

Since you were the guest speaker, Noory should have let you respond.