Truthers Marginalized for Asking Questions

Abby Martin remarks on how the American political and media establishment has marginalized those who question the US government's official narrative on the events of 9/11.

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Absolutely! I want the truth. If that makes me a truther then that's what I am and I am proud of it. Embrace the truthers.

Truther v. Liar

9/11 Commissioner Ben Veniste said of the commission: "It's only an exposition --- It's not an investigation."
We're just laying this on the table -- we're not here to blame anyone."

Truthers want an investigation. Liars don't. They are cool with an exposition.

Let's not say we want a "new investigation" because there's never been one. There's only been an exposition with a pre-written outline .... and a cover-up.

Half the country are now truthers who doubt the official story. The rest are liars.

We're on offense, not defense.


Abby, your diligent work to bring these issues into the mainstream, corporate press via RT is greatly appreciated. You and your colleagues have exercised fine judgment. Thanks.