PBS NOVA Ground Zero Supertower. The sellout continues.

Not that we should expect anything more or less from a show produced by the propaganda masters. From the show's website: "National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by The Boeing Company. Major funding for NOVA is provided by David H. Koch, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS viewers." Not much more needs to be said.





I watched about half of it and you summed it up perfectly.


Watch the excellent documentary from the first WTC construction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Mr9NS_y0y4

The forked columns at the base of both towers were called "trees" when first built (tree of life = nurturing).
In the recent NOVA program, the 'trees" morphed to 'tridents' (warlike = destructive).
It's a small change, but it reflects the change in our culture, from a positive force to a defensive, ornery creature.

Great link..

Thanks for that one 7man, a great look at just how strong those buildings really were. Did you catch the narrator's use this phrase "unimaginable damage" ? The manipulation is so subtle and insidious IMHO. The wording is carefully crafted. They just repeat NIST talking points, skew images with distorted temperatures and overwhelming adjectives. They did however let the reel run too long on the north tower to the point two large noticeable squibs appear. The obstructed view of the south tower is more evidence that every image was scrutinized. The truth is growing, despite their efforts.