ReThink911 Canada Poll

ReThink911 is commissioning the polling firm YouGov to conduct a national survey on Canadians’ impressions of Building 7’s collapse and their support for our right to advertise on Ottawa’s public bus system—but we need your help to do it. Please help us raise $6,000 by Saturday, September 14 so that we may conduct this poll on Monday and have the results by the end of next week.

On September 11, 2013, the Chair of the Ottawa Transit Commission called the ReThink911 Ottawa bus ads “insensitive” and said she would request a review of Ottawa’s advertising policy. The Mayor of Ottawa then weighed in to say our “disrespectful” ads were protected by free speech, but that he encouraged the Transit Commission to review the City’s advertising policy. Next Wednesday, September 18, the Ottawa Transit Commission is meeting and our ads will be top of the agenda. We are conducting this poll to make sure the Commission knows exactly where the public stands on free speech and our right to question 9/11 publicly.

Like ReThink911’s national U.S. poll, this poll will show respondents video footage of Building 7’s collapse, and then ask for their impressions on the cause of the collapse and whether they support a new investigation. Based on our last poll, 46% of Americans suspect Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition after viewing footage of Building 7’s collapse. We are confident that percentage will be higher in Canada. The poll will also ask respondents whether they support a new investigation of Building 7’s collapse, whether they support Canada or an international body opening a new investigation, and whether they think the Ottawa transit advertising rules should be kept the same to protect free speech.

But we can’t do it without you. Please donate today. Thank you for your generous support!

ReThink 9/11 CANADA