ReThink911 Taxi Initiative - Boston, MA,9/8/13

nice work, boston!!!!!

sure hope law enforcement is looking into this vandalism! has it/the vandalism been reported in the media????? seems the folks in connecticut so concerned about the 911 truth 'graffitti' might be interested.

I don't think the vandalism

I don't think the vandalism has been reported to anyone, but their efforts were useless. We've seen the cabs all over Boston this month. They can't stop the message no matter how hard they try. :-)

pass out dvds in front of cambridge/chomsky oct 6 talk 7pm

malalai joya, afghani author of 'a woman among warlords' will also be speaking, with reception from 5-6:30 pm, first parish, 3 church st. (sponsor, boston
might it be worth attending noam chomsky's talk in cambridge oct 6? with 911 truth questions for noam. or, perhaps, better strategy somehow, a listener identifying/showing oneself as a 'long time commmitted peace person,' and then briefly/eloquently joining that concern with the necessity for 911 truth, efficiently/concisely/quickly getting in the most salient/important
info re 'rethink,' kevin ryan's book 'another nineteen,' and ae link/building seven/times square billboard mention, with question (perhaps even begin with this "I'd like to ask you all a question: "How many here are aware of the times square billboard re another building falling on 9/11. ' ask if anyone's heard amy goodman or noam refer to it. )

asking several this question, i received this reply: "
Generally speaking, the answer is no. Our experience so far indicates that 9/11 questions and/or brief comments from the floor at Chomsky talks result only in belittling remarks from Noam in conditions where he controls the mike and can make certain that the exchange comes out greatly to the disadvantage of 9/11 truth. So far all such attempts have been counterproductive. I'd love to hear how this could be changed.
A presence outside passing out dvds and AE9/11Truth brocures would be a good thing."

let's keep our thinking caps on.

my two cents. sorry i can't be there. l

I've recorded Chomsky a

I've recorded Chomsky a couple times and if he will take questions, they will be specific to his talk. There are always 9/11 Truthers in attendance, but he has tended to dodge the tough 9/11 questions in the past in my experience...