Now Available: 9/11 in the Academic Community (Documentary)

Now Available for Purchase
October 8, 2013


9/11 in the Academic Community, awarded for "Documentary Achievement" at the University of Toronto Film Festival, is now available for purchase through its website:

It is a unique film that documents academia's treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the taboo that shields the American government's narrative from scholarly examination. Through a powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War on Terror.

Please inform your friends about this documentary's release.

Adnan Zuberi
Director & Producer


An important avenue for 9/11 truth and looking forward to seeing the film.

Short Review

Having now watched this film several times I wanted to give it a plug. This is a well produced, professional shot across the bow of the academic community regarding its lack of critical analysis of 9/11. It focuses on just a few of the well documented anomalies concerning 9/11. This works to its benefit as it doesn't overwhelm while it works as an 'eye opener' for those less familiar with the subject. In this way it functions the same as the film Press for Truth, but clearly with a bit more of a punch.

This film needs to see wider acclaim and distribution.