9/11 Free Fall 10/3/13: Austin Farwell-- "The Long Ride Home"

Austin Farwell is a writer, musical artist, and 9/11 Truth activist. His one man show "The Long Ride Home" is an interactive and introspective look at who we've become in the post 9/11 world. In the next episode he'll be discussing it, the controlled demolition evidence, and ways to effectively and cheaply mobilize in order to spread 9/11 truth awareness through guerrilla activism.

Does the CIA Intimidate Our Elected Officials?

Here's another question we should ask congressional members on C-SPAN:

"As a member of congress, do you feel intimidated by the CIA? Stories of the CIA censoring our media are commonplace. Do they also have a chilling effect on Washington?"

Great interview

Thanks for this. I enjoyed it immensely, the cspan thing is interesting and also the way that Austin has innovated and used his talents to get the truth out there gets major respect from me. Top marks for his innovation, and top marks for assisting him in publicising it.