Learn History with Philip Zelikow! corbettreport Published on Oct 11, 2013

Learn History with Philip Zelikow!

Published on Oct 11, 2013

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As Philip Zelikow prepares to teach an online history course, we peel back the layers of propaganda from the former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. From cover up to predictive programming, we examine the ways that Zelikow helped to shape (and write) the history he's now teaching.


Zelikow is Soporific

Zelikow would put Mr. Rogers to sleep with that delivery! "In our little world......."

Destined to end up in the dustbin of history ...

... as his role in the cover-up is revealed.

Fascinating the revolving doors this dude has swung through and the roles he's played in various insider positions.

And now he's online offering hard-up students some free kool-aid, The World According to Zelikow.

Meantime, the young fiction writer he and Hamilton hired to write the 911 Commission Report - Ben Rhodes - is now President Hope & Change's chief speech-writer and spokesman for National Security.

Read NYT article: "Rhodes - Shaping Obama's Voice"


" The son of a conservative-leaning Episcopalian father from Texas and a more liberal Jewish mother from New York, Mr. Rhodes grew up in a home where even sports loyalties were divided: he and his mother are ardent Mets fans; his father and his older brother, David, (now President of CBS News) root for the Yankees.

"Benjamin Rhodes worked for Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s re-election campaign in 1997.

"Rhodes went to work for a Democratic foreign-policy elder, former Representative Lee Hamilton, helping draft the 9/11 Commission report as well as the Iraq Study Group report. .. Mr. Rhodes joined [Obama's campaign] as a speechwriter in 2008. "

You couldn't make this stuff up...

Credit Philip Shenon

Much of the material in Corbett's report comes from Philip Shenon's excellent book, "The Commission", which details Zelikow's conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior, and outright corruption.

Condi Rice was Zelikow's boss on the Bush transition team early in 2002. Zelikow was the architect of the demotion of Richard Clarke so that Clarke no longer had cabinet level access. Then as Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission Zelikow did his best to minimize Clarke's profile in the Report, and acted to shield Condi from Clarke's criticisms. Zelikow kept up improper telephone contacts with Karl Rove and Condi while the investigation was ongoing, and was even overheard on the phone to the CIA unsuccessfully requesting the authors of the "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" memo to validate her perjured claim that the memo "was not a warning". Zelikow also labored mightily to keep the Saudis out of the report.

Shenon's book ends by informing us that after the report came out, Zelikow took a job as special counsel to the Secretary of State--Condi Rice. "Zelikow told his new colleagues at the State Department that it was the sort of job he had always wanted."

A lot of truthers put Shenon down because they think he does not go far enough, but I think he does a great service by avoiding conspiracy theories and clearly laying out the damning facts. The "Acknowledgement" section in the back material of the book concludes: "I can not imagine [the 9/11 widows'] suffering. If the full truth is ever told about September 11, 2001, it will be their doing. It has not been told yet."