Banksy: the new World Trade Center shows 'the terrorists won'

Oct 29th 2013


While he's not an open truther, it is nice to read about Banksy taking a shot at that lie-sore "Freedom" tower .

In a rejected New York Times op-ed posted on his site, Banksy slammed the design of One World Trade Center, calling it "vanilla" and "the biggest eyesore in New York."

That building is a disaster. Well no, disasters are interesting. One World Trade Center is a non-event. It's vanilla. It's something they would build in Canada.The attacks on September 11th were an attack on all of us and we will live out our lives in their shadow. But it's also how we react to adversity that defines us. And the response? 104 floors of compromise?

Read the whole rejected Op-Ed

Shoud have rebuilt WTC t5o same/better specs

I don't participate in ill will towards the existence or design of the new tower... SOMETHING had to be built there. I think the folks who wanted it to be an 'empty' memorial were way off base.

Yet I observe that the new tower design seems to have a 'breakaway tail' like a lizard. It does not make the proper statement.

But despite the reality that the Port Authority had been having trouble keeping the suites occupied... I had been hoping that patriotic investors would ante up and REBUILD, a fitting gesture of defiance. The soul searching question is, if it had been rebuilt as-was, how many people who put superstition over common sense and acceptance of the risks that are always present... whether or not they acknowledge those risks... would have avoided the rebuilt towers?

If the White House were destroyed, I am confident that it would be re-built to the very same dimensions and cosmetic specification.

One patriot DID ante up:

"I think the World Trade Center should be rebuilt on the site, only stronger and a little bit taller, even if it's only one story taller. They should duplicate the World Trade Center and not build something that looks like an empty skeleton."
~Donald Trump

Trump went so far as to submit a proposal which would have rebuilt them in the same footprints but with even greater strength and slightly greater height. The casual dismissal of his plan is a symptom of what we are becoming.

But despite this I am glad that the new tower has a central concrete core protecting the stairways. The original design did not lack for strength but the scarcely-protected stairwells caused needless loss of life.


I'd argue (along with others, my betters) that the "needless loss of life" was primarily due to the fact that the towers and WTC 7 were brought down in a controlled demolition. "Needless", yes, but not without a purpose (nefarious as it was).