Professor David A. Johnson's Recommendation of "9/11 in the Academic Community" Documentary

Adnan Zuberi of Toronto has produced an important and disturbing film that should be shown at universities and colleges throughout the United States, and internationally. The film makes a persuasive argument that the events of 9/11 and the official explanations of what happened on that fateful day have not been adequately examined by the academic community. Indeed, there has been a closing of the scholarly mind on the topic, despite overwhelming evidence that the official story offered by the 9/11 Commission is flawed, incomplete and erroneous. Indeed, even the two chairs of the Commission have stated that the Commission was "set up to fail."

A few courageous individuals in the academic world have spoken out, but for the most part there has been a blackout and avoidance of discussion of 9/11. There have been few challenges to the pseudo-reality delivered up by the mainstream press and widely accepted not only by the public at large but also by academic experts. But that is changing, as Zuberi's film powerfully demonstrates. For example, engineering and physics teachers are undertaking rigorous testing of official hypotheses. And finance professors are using statistics to examine the insider stock trading that is an indication of foreknowledge. The film should stimulate similar objective investigations by academics in a variety of other relevant disciplines.

I will share this film with my friends and colleagues in universities and colleges around the country. I encourage others to do likewise.

David A. Johnson, PhD., FAICP
Emeritus Professor, The University of Tennessee
Former President, Fulbright Association of the United States


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