JFK assassinated by US 1% War Criminals: 4 powerful learning resources

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Eight months after President Kennedy’s assassination, the US 1% staged the “false flag” (and here) Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate invasion and unlawful War of Aggression on Vietnam. This lie-started US 1% War of Aggression war-murdered over three million human beings, including the treasonous murder of ~58,000 Americans lied-into an unlawful foreign invasion.

This history is a pattern of US 1% lie-started illegal Wars of Aggression any educated American must know to be a competent citizen of the present. These 1% war lies continue today. The 1% crimes are only possible with a 1% corporate media lying to cover these crimes. The easiest solution is public demand for arrests of these OBVIOUS criminals.

President Kennedy issued US Treasury money, not requiring our current Federal Reserve system of creating what we use for money as debt. This action opened consideration of known historical solutions to pay the national debt without inflation, have full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and overall greater buying power. Don’t believe anyone: look for yourself and see the power of debt-free money, public credit, and its known history that excited Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison to make these ideas public knowledge.

The following are resources for anyone to see the facts of President Kennedy’s assassination. The facts lead to the conclusion that JFK was murdered by the US 1% with media criminal complicity. Any refutation of this conservative conclusion based on the comprehensive evidence requires an accounting and explanation how the principal areas of evidence are somehow false and/or not convincing beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have never found anyone informed of the facts who could refute them, nor am I aware of any publication that honestly accounts for these facts that even attempts to refute them.

The best example of public consideration of similar evidence is the King Family civil lawsuit victory finding the US 1% guilty of the assassination of Martin King. A similar competent examination of the evidence would find the US 1% guilty of the assassination of President Kennedy, and his brother Robert Kennedy, when he was poised to win the 1968 presidential election.

Resources to see for yourself:

Jim Marrs: best-selling author on this topic (Crossfire) in public talks walking an audience through the evidence (one example).

Dark Legacy, a documentary from John Hankey (one example).

John F. Kennedy assassination facts, theories, from wanttoknow.info

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