Margaret Heffernan - The dangers of "willful blindness"

Why We All Should Be Whistleblowers

A town with a mortality rate 80 times higher than elsewhere—and the willful blindness of the locals, except for one person.
The truth about whistle-blowers—and why they do what they do. Turns out they’re not crazy; the rest of us are.
A video talk on taking our freedom and doing something with it.

A key factor in preventing 9/11 justice.

Whoever were responsible for plotting the 9/11 attacks were very well versed in human psychology; one set of factors which were very likely taken into account when drawing up the original feasibility study, was: "How will the public react"? "How easily can they be sold a story"? and "Can the actuality/reality be effectively squashed from the get go"?

It is human nature to fear being ostracized from ones peers, or de-coupled from majority opinion; willful blindness is but one method. One of today's favorite mechanisms, as effective as willful blindness, is the mass/popular linking of "alternative thinking" to "insanity" , or "whistle blowers" to "traitors", or "skepticism of authority with "conspiracy kooks", or "tinfoil hatters".

Most people prefer remaining within the comfort zone, and conforming to mainstream or majority opinion, simply because it is easier, and takes less effort... ie intellectual laziness, or even cowardice. To further such, we have a corporate media that relies on willful blindness as part of their model (New York Times motto is "All the News that's Fit to Print"), alongside the likes of Noam Chomsky and much the rest of the intellectual community who are clearly defending the indefensible. All of these psychological scenarios have (more than likely) effectively protected the 9/11 perps from seeing a trial, and have allowed them to maintain their liberty. They are still almost without a doubt, still at large in society today.

Fact, however, remains always far easier to defend and prove, than fiction. And that is, I am sure, what keeps a large segment of this community making the effort.

We've never gotten in to TED

Kevin Ryan and Sibel Edmonds at least should be allowed to speak at TED.

Willful Blindness Support Team

The public is not just being willfully blind because of some fear of what might be on the other side of the curtain. Anyone working to expose the lies of 9/11 knows there is someone on the other side pushing back. The responses by Chomsky to questions about 9/11, the unwillingness of almost any media personality to touch this subject no matter how interesting the questions raised by new evidence, the defensiveness of sites like Wikipedia and Huffington Post all suggest that these people have strong and logical reasons for denying the obvious even though their actions themselves seem illogical. Maintaining a long-term effort to cover the truth of political conspiracies requires people and organization. The questions are, who and where could an organization like that exist? And, who finances it? For me, the questions point to the one organization specifically designed for funding and running long term "black operations".

Jeremy Scahill - Imperialism War and Resistance

International Anti War Conference - Stop the War Coalition - London - 30th November 2013

Good Example of Willful Ignorance or Blindness

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) California

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