BBC News Article on the ReThink911 Campaign in Canada

December 17, 2013 — Yesterday the BBC published an article about the ongoing ReThink911 ad campaign in Ottawa. Featured on the BBC’s News homepage, the article was seen by hundreds of thousands of readers.

This piece marks the fifth mainstream news article about ReThink911’s Ottawa campaign since the announcement of the campaign on November 20. But unlike its Canadian counterparts, the BBC has a tendency for falseness and one-sidedness rivaled only by the likes of Fox News.

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Tell the BBC Editor Their Reporting Is a Journalistic Disgrace

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BBC bias

This continues the BBC trend of disinformation regarding 9/11.

Richard Porter (BBC news) claimed the BBC was not part of the conspiracy:

Or Mike Rudin's long running Conspiracy Files programs (Rudin has multiple blogs pushing the official story and thousands of comments denying his view on the subject)

Loads and loads of comments but there's no BBC reply to the blatant lies within...

This misrepresentation: and "How the Towers Fell" (no mention of WTC7)


9/11 third tower mystery 'solved' (Yeah, right!)

The main public broadcaster in the UK is basically just an Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

My letter: December 22,

My letter:

December 22, 2013


Dear Ms. Milne,

Your article attacking ReThink911 is consistent with the BBC fore-knowledge and cover-up of the mass murder otherwise referred to as the 9/11 terrorists attacks. The BBC should be investigated as an accessory to mass murder; this latest article is intended to deflect attention away from the real perpetrators. I suggest the British public which pays for the BBC broadcast should be made aware of the deliberate attempts by the BBC to falsely accuse and deflect attention from inquiry.

Consider BBC announcing the collapse of the Solomon Building minutes before it actually collapsed. The Solomon Building is another name for World Trade Center Building No. 7. Here is BBC reporter Jane Stanley talking about the collapse of the Solomon Building while the building is clearly still standing. Someone got ahead of themselves in this and this proves FOREKNOWLEDGE! Prior to 9/11 no steel framed building has suffered a total symmetric collapse anywhere in the world.

It’s no coincidence that British Petroleum was at Dick Cheney’s secret energy meeting in the Whitehouse where energy contractors looked at maps of Iraq and divided up the spoils as if they somehow knew there would be a pretext to go to war. We must also not forget Britian’s role in foreknowledge with the Downing Street memos. Perhaps, Ms. Milne, your article and the reaction is going to backfire. It is going to make the global financial leaders, the Rothschilds and the folks at the City of London financial district and the International Bank of Settlements in Basel, Switzerland a bit nervous as they are surely involved in the 9/11 mass murders from planning to operations.


Iraq: BP updates Rumaila oil field operations

08 Nov 2010

October saw the highest levels of activity on the Rumaila oil field in southern Iraq since the Technical Service Agreement was signed in 2009 and BP was appointed Lead Contractor. Activity has focused on improving oil production from existing wells, bringing new wells on stream and ensuring flowlines and other field infrastructure is tied-in to support increased production.

In October, a total of 20 drilling rigs were working on the field, including those operated under new contracts by Daqing, Weatherford and a consortium of Schlumberger and IDC. Seven of these were drilling into the main pay of the reservoir and 13 were workover rigs, installing electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).
Adding to this pattern by the BBC of engaging in false flag, yellow journalism is this Solomon Asch Conformity experiment writ large, where the BBC, while the attacks are in progress, allows Israel’s war hawk, Ehud Barak to outline the Muslim perpetrators and the 10 year campaign need against select Islamic nations which coincidently are Israel’s neighbors and traditional enemies. How could Condaleeza Rice have no clue to the terrorists plans, yet Barak have the entire story memorized prior to the attacks.
Ehud Barak during the attacks, knowing it all and laying out the 10 year war strategy.


Perhaps, Ms. Milne your BBC should investigate Israel’s attack on the US Liberty, and should investigate the money the US taxpayer sends to Israel with zero accountability, perhaps the BBC should investigate Israel’s lack of oil and perhaps your publicly funded network should do an expose on FOX News’ Rupert Murdoch being a business partner with Lord Jacob Rothschild in an Israel shale oil venture.

It is becoming obvious that Britain maintains control over the USA with the Federal Reserve system.
I now return you to the original letter as I completely agree with the following sentence because Ms. Milne, you are no journalist. The BBC and you are the central banker’s PR hacks, nothing more.

The BBC’s article on the ReThink911 ad campaign in Ottawa is a journalistic disgrace. The number of false claims and one-sided maneuvers is simply astounding.