Federal judge rules mass NSA spying as "constitutional."

Barely a week after Judge Leon of the DC district court held the NSA data-collection program of – well, virtually everything – to be “likely unconstitutional,” District Judge William H. Pauley III in Manhattan took the view of most in the federal government, that there’s nothing to worry about, nothing unconstitutional at all.

Focusing mostly on need and effect rather than the 4th Amendment, Pauley said the mass collection of phone data “significantly increases the NSA’s capability to detect the faintest patterns left behind by individuals affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations. Armed with all the metadata, NSA can draw connections it might otherwise never be able to find.”


inside job

Well. He would say that, wouldn't he. In the world of supreme court judge background checks as revealed by Russell TICE, NSA judgments will certainly be found -somehow-onside the omission report,
consistent with the FU game theory we are all being played by.

This will go back and forward. around and around. one gets up, the other steps down but the central issue of 911 as inside job - the omission report as public myth - 'goes away' every time the next clown gets to have a say.
As in this case by the doubtlessly 'well leveraged' NSA clone Pauley.
Seems like NY and the law deciding on 911 is well locked down. As Christopher Bollyns work on Alvin Hellerstein attests. And the recent Cyrus Vancehttp://www.ae911truth.org/en/news-section/41-articles/824-manhattan-da-disclaims-authority-to-prosecute-9-11-murders.html (Cy Vance, District Attorney for NY County, claims he has no jurisdiction to investigate 9/11 or prosecute anyone for their involvement in it)
and I wonder how President of New Jersey 9/11 Aware, David Meiswinkle, is going in his preparing to file for a new 9/11 investigation with the NJ State Committee of Investigation (SCI) ? http://nj911aware.org/