continues to grow, and a response to Judy Wood

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth recently passed another milestone, achieving over 20,000 members. As of today, there are 2,132 architects and engineers signed up AND 18,144 other supporters, for a total of 20,276.

I continue to support AE911Truth and congratulate their recent campaigns for public awareness and pending lawsuits against NIST. I have expressed my concerns regarding NIST analyses and lack of transparency through the years. I am glad to see this further action being taken.

Richard Gage recently gave a nice summary of the progress of, . He quipped, "Steven Jones had a PowerPoint. I stole it seven years ago." Yes, he used my slides but it was with my permission. When I was "early retired" in January 2007, I found it increasingly burdensome to travel and Richard has picked up that role, and I for one appreciate that!

Are you aware of the articles available at When I am asked about the hypotheses of Judy Wood, which happened again recently, I'm glad that I can point to FAQ #3: - a well-written response.

Many are aware that Judy Wood continues to attack Richard Gage, me, and Niels Harrit by name -- see for example her talk here: (especially towards the end).

I should like to add that Wood's attack on me (in this talk) for a vote in 1989 regarding cold fusion claims is misleading and most unfair. The question I raised was -- did Pons and Fleischmann see deuteron-deuteron fusion as they claimed? My main argument then as now is that the observation of anomalous excess heat does not PROVE that d-d fusion is the cause, contrary to claims at the time. Even Fleischmann before his passing in 2012 finally admitted that he should not have called it "fusion". For more on this question, please see my talk-abstract at the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) held at the University of Missouri at Columbia in July 2013. I was there all week and pleased at the corroborating results presented by Professor Kasagi and others. Some of the startling results have recently been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. And I assure you, that work is not over...

Finally, I strongly support the initiative of AE911Truth to bring public attention to the anomalous fall of WTC7, at free-fall acceleration for over 100 feet. NIST finally admitted to this inconvenient fact. I have spoken regarding the anomalous fall of WTC7 numerous times, but happily acknowledge that AE911Truth is extending the public awareness regarding WTC7 more than I ever did!

f(failure(Millette)) = Judy Wood?

Hello Dr. Jones. Although the malicious attempts by Judy and her followers to divide the truth movement are annoying, they are also a bit amusing for those of us that do not have our names smeared in public by them, because they signal an end to the era of the JREF-type (so called) debunkers of the thermite hypothesis, which are being phased out due to their incompetence. Ironically, they may have initiated their own demise when their much hyped study by Dr. Millette backfired spectacularly in public as they failed to get it published.

I appreciate the comment, Simon.

Allow me to provide a little additional background:

A talk in Australia discussing WTC7 prominently, but also Transportation Secretary Mineta's whistleblower testimony about lack of air defense on 9/11 and other salient issues:

Comments on cold fusion and alternate energy:

A relevant newspaper article from November 2013:

Finally, a recent humorous video that brings up WTC7 at the end:
(We need a little comic relief every now and then.)

Good News

I do think the exposure of 9/11 (and our warmongering culture) is going to be the initiation of a lot of changes, including serious searching for alternative energy sources. AE911 has done a great job spreading the word and I think the general population is just about ready to look at the evidence. The fundraiser for Mark Basile´s new nanothermite study seems to have reached the goal needed to begin the work, so hopefully by this time next year we will be reading a new peer-reviewed nanothermite paper that confirms your work with Harrit et al..

Jon Rappoport on 9/11...

Jon Rappoport does excellent investigative reporting (IMO) - and his essay on melted metal in the WTC debris is here:

As one might imagine, Jon had comments from those who support the mini-nukes and the beam-energy theories.
His response to comments is well done:

Thanks, Jon -- top-notch reporting!