Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) informed on C-SPAN about WTC7 omissions

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Select Intelligence Committee says he "would be happy to review the letter" sent from lawyer, Dr William Pepper, to the office of the Inspector General outlining errors and omissions contained in the NIST report into the collapse of WTC7. You can find the letter here , and so can he.

Link to C-Span full video skip to 10:10 for the WTC7 part.

Perhaps for future callers

Another great call, but once again, Rep Schiff is conflating the towers with building seven. Perhaps future inquiries should be sure to inform the guests that building 7 was not struck by a plane. Just a thought.


Ignorant to the max.

It just goes to show how pig-ignorant our politicians are, as regards the most significant event in modern US history. And then, to think of all the laws and measures trashing our rights, busting up our Constitution, and authorizing illegal war, which they passed without even reading the contents, or being aware of the facts surrounding the event which triggered all the paranoia.

A terminal pox on all of them who refuse to listen up or speak out.

A letter to congress members

is being drafted sending them the Dec. 12, 2013 letter from Dr. William Pepper to the Dept. of Commerce Inspector General about the WTC 7 report structural feature omissions, and making sure they understand this is not about the twin towers, but about WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane and yet collapsed in a symmetric free fall acceleration at 5:20 PM on Sept. 11, 2001.

By the way, a response to the letter from Dr. William Pepper was received from the Inspector General this week, saying the matter was forwarded to the NIST. We want congress members to ensure the NIST response is open and transparent.




I like the direction that this effort is taking.


This is very effective. It puts our congressional representative's ignorance out on public display. This helps create the public pressure needed for change. Very encouraging.