Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of C.R.E.W., agrees to review the evidence

On January 21, 2014, Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (CREW) was a guest on C-SPAN's Washington Journal:

Melanie Sloan is the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, and said she would look into a callers claim regarding the collapse of WTC Building 7 while on C-SPAN Tuesday morning.

Melanie Sloan serves as CREW's Executive Director and is a nationally recognized expert on congressional ethics. Prior to starting CREW, she served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia where, from 1998-2003, she successfully tried cases before dozens of judges and juries.

See here:

Am I right to be skeptical here?

This is a great outreach effort ... but why does it bother me?

Anything to do with George Soros (imho) is suspect - I trust him (and by extension any associated organization) as far as I can throw a grand piano. Has this further alerted "the enemy" re. attempts to uncover their crimes - and is the FOIA "free" enough to permit controversial information of this magnitude to see the light of day? Is it possible that whoever in government is in charge of "freeing" this information is prepared (or dares) to put NIST's credibility in doubt regarding their (bogus) 9/11 conclusions?

Elitist Mr. Soros is *way* too close to the power brokers who made out like bandits as a result of 9/11... and I cannot see him jeopardizing any business associates/colleagues who may have benefitted from the attack - or may have even known about the attack in advance.

Not at all

As Lenin said "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it."

Edit: Glad to hear he snuck in "wasn't hit by a plane"

I share your skepticism.....

I can entirely understand your skepticism here, and to a large extent share it. The good people who are calling into C-Span to raise awareness to the issue of the NIST omissions in their WTC7 report are performing what as a non-american, I would consider their patriotic duty, and I join you in applauding their efforts.
As far as the issue itself goes, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. NIST have misrepresented what is in their own analysis, the critical connection in the initiation of the buildings collapse. No amount of back peddling on their part is going to change the contradiction between the structural drawings that THEY released, and the report that THEY released. My personal feeling is that they did not "cleanse" the FIOA release which allowed us to shine the light of scrutiny on their "error", as much as they intended.
This hugely important detail was a needle in a haystack, and that kawika found it, is a testament to his diligence and determination to hold NIST to account. Whilst like you, I do not expect Mr Soros, or any of his cronies to be particularly helpful in bringing accountability, what I do know is that we can make sure that those of his ilk are conspicuous by their absence in this matter. Also, I like your analogy with the grand piano, because what we are trying to do here is the equivalent of throwing one a very far distance. But I do believe that together, we can do it. I have moved a few pianos in my time, and they're not always as heavy as you think. One thing is for sure, if we do not take a hold of it, it won't move itself. And if we can use organisations such as these to help gather a crowd around the piano, then the load will be lighter and it will be moved all the quicker.

pianos can indeed be flung

The visuals here can be taken as a metaphor.

The dialogue doesn't always go quite where I want it, but I like it near the conclusion, where Maurice says, 'Well, I'll be...."