We're Not Down, And We're Not Out

Jon Gold

One of the discussions I hear the most between fellow activists is "why won't people wake up?" or "what will it take to get everyone to come together?"

About 7 months ago I suffered a severe injury to my back. It was broken essentially. This is personal, but perhaps useful in making my point. I now have something called "Cauda Equina Syndrome." For me (it can be different for other people), it means I have lost bladder control, bowel control, sex control, half of my legs are numb, and the muscles in my feet no longer work. The latter means I am wheelchair bound most of the time.

I have had to suffer through the system in nursing homes which are more like minimum security prisons. Now, however, I have an apartment. Because I can't walk, and don't have a scooter yet, I am essentially homebound 24/7 (unless someone comes to take me out for a while). It is a "prison" in its own right. Hopefully over time this will change.

I have had to endure a lot over these last 7 months, but you know what? I have still done my best to be a good activist. I've written article after article. Made movie after movie after movie after movie. I've even appeared as a guest on "Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox" and Abby Martin's "Breaking The Set." I post the news as often as I can.

I am not trying to say "hey, look at me!!!" I am trying to say though, take a look at me. If I can do things to help try and change this world, even with all of my afflictions, then so can you. Especially those of you that don't have an affliction like me.

My friend Cindy Sheehan often says to do one thing a day for peace, which is excellent advice.

If you are a moral person, and you pay attention to at least some of the news, then there must be some injustice out there that makes you angry.

My thing is justice for 9/11, but your thing might be something like fracking, Fukushima awareness, torture, closing GITMO, whatever…

I know there are people out there like me wondering what to do. People thinking that "they've won, and there's nothing we can do."

How about trying to do one thing a day for starters?

Because they haven't won.

How do I know this? Because we're not down, and we're not out.

I hope you get better

I hope you get better Jon. By the way, you were excellent on Abby Martin's show.

The doctors said...

It will take 6 months to 2 years to see how well I'll recover. Nerves grow at the rate of hair, so it's a very slow process. Thank you!