WeAreChange takes the mic after Super Bowl XLVIII to address the nation on 9/11

WATCH: MVP Malcolm Smith Interrupted By Man Calling For 9/11 Probe


The man said: “Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government.”

Winning Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also questions 9/11. As do some old-timers, like 5-time NFL Pro Bowl center Mark Stepnoski (Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers) and former NFL running back Bill Enyart (Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders).

As well as Rashard Mendenhall, former running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


9/11 Truther: How I sneaked into Super Bowl XLVIII -- and hijacked the postgame show

911 conspiracy theorist interrupts Super Bowl MVPs press conference

A 9/11 Truther Crashed Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's Press Conference (VIDEO)

9/11 truther arrested after interrupting Super Bowl news conference

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith interrupted by 9/11 truther

Seahawks Coach Peppered 4-Star General With 9/11 'Conspiracy' Questions

Obama and Bush Warn Not To Challenge The Official 9/11 Story

Original video I posted: http://youtu.be/o5VRgP0jtH0

Video taken down after almost 1,500,000 views: http://youtu.be/w6oiy11-eWc
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Another video, full screen, to pass around:

The Most Boring Superbowl Ever … Until 9/11 Truth Proponent Interrupts MVP Interview

FOREIGN MEDIA: 9/11 truther Matthew Mills gatecrashes Super Bowl post-game interview

Well done Mathew MILLS !


Finally that game got

Finally that game got interesting! Remember, when you see the brass ring, you take it.

That was just EPIC!

Had to go back and watch that again a couple of times.

Everything about it was awesome, the way he grabbed the mic from the table in front of the player who had nothing much to say really (as if they ever do), and the lightning SPEED with which he grabbed it up, that's the part that really struck me the first time I saw it, it was like he was conjuring that microphone straight into his hand, it was almost a quantum leap. Then if that weren't enough, the way Mathew caught a glimpse of the camera, made a glinting connection with the audience and then almost pleadingly said "investigate 9/11".., both as a command and at the same time imploringly, even pleadingly, then, again at lightening speed, he delivered the appropriate line "9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government" - not that it was the whole government but people within the government (funny how he was misquoted by some among the mainstream media), barely getting the word government in, as he pulls away and then drops the mike, which itself was done in a certain way, as if to say to it (that's all i needed you for, bu bye), and all they can get him for is trespassing for floating through all 7 layers of security!

Are you kidding me - that was EPIC!

Thanks Mathew (surely you read Blogger). What a perfect act. I believe that God was wish you. Notice how you could hardly remember it, as if you weren't there at the time, and then note looking back on it in hindsight, how graceful it was in terms of your ingenious use of the allotted timeframe in the way you delivered your message.


We Are Change.

It's transcendent. Doesn't even matter how many members there are, the image is holographic, although I'll bet there are more than a few people who want to join and get to meet Mathew in person to thank him in person for what he did on all of our behalf for the sake of what's right, true and just.

It was a righteous action.

And that's why i think in part that it happened the way it happened, because it was meant to happen for a reason.

Excellent representation of the principal at the heart of it all, even though it isn't the kind of thing we ought to be replicating too often because that could really go south on us in a hurry, as i've said elsewhere.

Freeway blogging with honking cars i think is the way to go, and the thing to organize ourselves around, but not graffiti tagging necessarily just the usual blogging with large signs.

If we did that en mass EVERYWHERE for a single 9/11 anniversary, or at any time of the year, like the 11th of every month then in no time we will have informed a very curious and interested and very concerned public who are fast losing faith in the lamestream media and are turning off their TV's by the droves .

We're almost at the tipping point.

Therefore now is the time to start to press on in and through - one step beyond the point of apparent failure by apathy.


That's what we've got to do. Time to move out from cyberspace, now that it's already filled with information and research, and hit the streets.

Then people like Noam Chomsky will sit up and take notice while realizing that he was siding with the wrong people on the wrong side of history!

Someone's going to get the last laugh and it's not going to be the establishment, even the so-called "intellectual establishment" and it's certainly not going to be the perps or the existing government and what that whole scene represents. We've all seen enough and the people have had enough.

I am absolutely convinced that we are standing on the edge of great historical shift in perceptual awareness and in RELEVANCY (one of Zelikow's favorite words).

I am convinced that it's already happened even in spite of all appearance to the contrary.

We are the reason that Guiliani didn't make it in politics and we'll be the reason that neither will Hillary be trusted to carry the ball they the "elite" have already dropped.

We're winning the info war. In fact, it's already been won.

This Superbowl incident is a microcosm in the macrocosm of the public perception and awareness about the nature of elements in their own government and military industrial and intelligence apparatus.

So on the whole they could tell that he was right, which is why #investigate911 and the clip on Youtube went totally viral, with the TV MSM flat our refusing on the whole to even cover it.

People are climbing into the elephant in the room, that no one can forget, and occupying it, like a historical Trojan Horse that i predict will some day soon roll straight into the domain of what is RELEVANT and pass through every barrier and gate on the way to power in every sphere of influence and walk of life.

Sorry for rambling, but it's nice to sound out a high note or a low one or both in the choir of what's fast becoming a general consensus among the populace, as we can plainly see by how that outlook and opinion is reflected on the Net, so in many ways this was like a poll of the pulse of what the American public are thinking and it's right there in the comments section of all those articles about this "incident".

I like this comment from a reader...

"It's hard to imagine that, for something this important, a guy could just skate by with almost zero scrutiny. That a guy with none of the requisite qualifications could just slip through the screening process, past dozen of checks, and be allowed to wander - befuddledly - into the inner sanctum of power, interacting with some of the most famous people in the world. It's hard to believe that something as simple as misreading a little piece of paper (and, of course, people's general laziness and thoughtlessness) could allow this to happen. That this lunatic could achieve more than even he ever expected because of our low standards and disinterest. But, really, is it any more weird to think that once he got past all those challenges, he'd order a false flag attack on his own country so he could invade Iraq and get revenge for his daddy?"



My money is on him.


This version has 650,000 views on youtube in a day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6oiy11-eWc

Turn the bullhorn around.......

He's fast approaching 1.25 million just there already, and there are plenty other channels that have quite a few views too. I reckon he can't be far from 2 million overall. It illustrates the power of the machine that is so often used to sell the lie, or to give us the impression that 911 is some fringe issue that 'normal' people would never entertain. The popularity of this particular clip would suggest otherwise. As with the efforts of the good people who regularly call into C-Span to draw attention to the issue, we need to learn how to harness this massive machine to our advantage, because it is when we turn this bullhorn round the right way that we are heard by so many, and feared by so few. The fact that the media does not willingly co-operate will eventually erode its credibility, and this guy just kicked the mainstream media machine hard. Respect.
Edit - i should have put the link in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6oiy11-eWc

Matthew Mills Interview...

Matthew Mills discusses how he hijacked the NFL post show and what happened afterwards with Alex Jones.


Well done indeed, Matthew!

Let's hear it for Freedom of Speech! Yes, it's for ALL of us, despite the fact that our powers that be are most uncomfortable with it.

This puts 9/11 back into the public spotlight. It is something that will *never* go away, simply because none of the most important questions have even been addressed by public officials, let alone answered.

Matt Mills on crashing the #Superbowl #investigate911

WeAreChange Founder Luke Rudkowski Interviews Matthew Mills...


MSM taken over by MSM

The Main Stream Media was taken over by Matthew Scott Mills.


christina taylor ??

The most popular youtube channel that this video was on had almost 1.5 million hits on it about 10 minutes ago. It now has been withdrawn due to copyright, saying

"Guy runs on camera duri..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by christina taylor.
Sorry about that.


Does anyone know who christina taylor is?

Check the comment sections..

I went surfing the internet on this, and there's a whole ton of articles all over the place including many MSM articles and blog posts. They presumed, as i did at first, that everyone would down this guy as a total loon..

But that is not at all what happened, as you'll discover in looking at the comments sections for these articles, where about 70% of the comments are favorable to Mills and to the cause of 9/11 investigation and research in general, many of whom are pretty well informed about the issue, with the naysayers and "debunkers" completely overwhelmed and severely downvoted for their asinine and juvenile comments, which amount to name calling and trying to conflate 9/11 truth seekers with all manner of fringe topics and pursuits.

Everywhere i went, there were tons of comments, and about a 70% pro-9/11 truth both in the number of comments and in the upvotes, thumbs up, whatever you want to call it.

This action caused our movement to suddenly spring forward in cyberspace, revealing that our numbers are very very high, and the percentage of those who question and research 9/11 @ well over 50%, like everywhere. I couldn't believe it.

When i first saw this i cringed and thought oh no, that's not going to be good for the movement, but i was wrong, and ended up experiencing a real heart warming, "warm fuzzy", at the amount of support that 9/11 truth enjoys among the general public, everywhere.

Seeing this was about as uplifting as discovering and watching the 5 hour documentary "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor".

None of our work over the years was in vain, even though it may be taking a little longer than we might have hoped during the early years.

The 9/11 truth movement is like that little red engine that could, and will!

Edit to add: It's still trending in the twittersphere on #investigate911


click this:

OMG it's trending worldwide #investigate911

It's gone to the moon and back, and the MSM aren't covering it, the main mainstream TV news channels, who we've come to see in their scripting are 100% controlled by an elite with a narrow agenda that's completely and utterly falling apart right before our very eyes.

They've already lost the info war because it's all about the matters of the heart and the conscience in examining the cold hard reality of what took place on that tragic day, including everything that's ensued in it's wake.

The cause is just and the people know this to be true, may this conversation about what happened on September 11th, 2001 only be just BEGINNING in earnest to take place across America.

It then makes what he did a heroic act and that's also cool. Way to go dude, what a kind gesture, and note the way he floated past 7 layers of security - if that's not by the grace of God then i don't know what is.. or what would qualify.

This doesn't mean we ought to be replicating that particular tactic which could go south in a hurry, so we'd want to show restraint as a movement, while getting out there and engaging the public about everything we know and have learned over the years.

Fortunately cyberspace has been filled with our research, making the encouragement of "investigate 9/11" all the more RELEVANT, while the MSM becomes irrelevant and crumbles to dust at the rate of near freefall speed.


Glad to hear this

'This doesn't mean we ought to be replicating that particular tactic which could go south in a hurry,'

I agree with you about that. When I first saw this, I thought: Well, this isn't likely the kind of thing that will change minds; but, on the bright side, maybe it will help to embolden other kinds of people--those who have secretly had doubts about the official story, but haven't dared speak up and say so in public.

Or maybe (most encouraging interpretation of all), this has served to reveal just how many people have already changed their minds, and already aren't afraid to say so in public. And one thing this would indicate is that, for all the attempts of 'alternative' gatekeeper websites to admonish their readers to steer away from 9/11 truth, they haven't succeeded very well. And there's nothing I love better than seeing gatekeepers fail!

How to Crash the Super Bowl without a Ticket ~ by Matthew Mills

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews infamous Super Bowl crasher Matt Mills on the full story of how he was able to get through the "most heavily secured area in U.S sporting history". Matt gives us all the details and full story from start to finish.