Victims’ families demand release of 28 pages from 9/11 report

03/12/2014 5:31 PM
By Kimberly Railey, Globe Correspondent

WASHINGTON -- Joined by family members who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Representative Stephen F. Lynch renewed his push Wednesday to make public part of a 9/11 congressional investigation.

The South Boston Democrat and Representative Walter B. Jones, a Republican of North Carolina, said releasing 28 pages from the investigation would expose new details on the terrorism plot that killed nearly 3,000 people. The two representatives introduced a resolution in December calling for President Obama to declassify the information.

“There are a lot of American families who lost loved ones, so it’s not just a local issue for me,” Lynch said in an interview. “They all deserve full disclosure.”

Lynch and Jones said they have recently reviewed the findings, which were kept almost entirely secret when the House and Senate Intelligence Committees released their final report in December 2002. Without disclosing specifics, the report said investigators found “information suggesting specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States.”

In an emotional news conference Wednesday, relatives of 9/11 victims said releasing the 28 pages would help bring justice to those behind the attack.

Sylvia Carver, whose sister died in the Pentagon attack, said she has been seeking answers for more than 12 years.

“We deserve closure,” Carver said. “We have a right to know.”

The withheld pages have attracted controversy and conspiracy theories that the US government hid some aspects of the plan to fly hijacked planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Some experts have said that the home governments of the Al Qaeda terrorists may have helped fund the 9/11 plan. Many of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

Terry Strada, whose husband was a World Trade Center victim, said she believes the US government is trying to protect the Saudi regime.

“I don’t believe people should get away with murder and that is exactly what happened,” said Strada, the national co-chair of 9/11 Families United for Justice Against Terrorism. “Al Qaeda is pure evil and so are their bankrollers.”

The administration of former President George W. Bush redacted the pages from the report, called the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001. The documents have remained secret under Obama. The White House did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Lynch said he believes they contain “vital” knowledge that would help Americans better understand the attacks. The South Boston Democrat, who was elected in a Democratic primary on Sept. 11, 2001, said he understands how many lives were changed that day.

“Our nation suffered a terrible loss,” he said. “We want to make sure these pages see the light of day.”

Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, challenged all members of Congress to review the findings, which he said do not pose a national security threat.

The resolution has five co-sponsors in addition to Lynch and Jones and is currently in the committee stage.

Lynch said he has had conversations with the Massachusetts delegation and believes that members will support the effort once they see the classified pages.

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H. RES. 428

H. RES. 428: Urging the President to Release Information Regarding the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks upon the United States

Co-sponsor Thomas Massie speaks at a press conference in support of the bill...he's read the redacted pages...

Reward their courage by urging your congressman to co-sponsor the bill. I contacted mine.

7 Co-Sponsors so far:

Rep Broun, Paul C. [GA-10] - 3/13/2014
Rep Grimm, Michael G. [NY-11] - 1/31/2014
Rep Hastings, Alcee L. [FL-20] - 2/11/2014
Rep Lynch, Stephen F. [MA-8] - 12/2/2013
Rep Massie, Thomas [KY-4] - 2/4/2014
Rep Rohrabacher, Dana [CA-48] - 1/31/2014
Rep Stockman, Steve [TX-36] - 2/5/2014

easy enough

Re: H. RES. 428... I contacted mine too (Jim McDermott). Only took a few minutes.

I also contacted my Representative


Bush Is a Traitor

Bush Is a Traitor

When these pages are finally released - DON"T LET THEM SPIN IT AWAY from the fact that 9/11 was an Intelligence operation that involved BOTH Saudi Arabia and the United States Government Officials and agencies.

follow the links to official documents...

Do you support these 9-11 Victim families?....

Phil Marshall, RIP

Just over a year ago, airline pilot Phil Marshall, the author of a number of books on 9/11 was shot to death in bizarre circumstances, alongside his two devoted kids. See the original thread here on 911Blogger as posted by Prof. Jones. The book that Marshall was working on at the time of his death was exploring this very same issue - a possible high level Saudi involvement in the 9/11 plot - as suggested by the contents of the 28 pages in the congressional 9/11 inquiry which were redacted by President Bush. The article as carried in the Santa Barbara View has been pulled, but can be read here.


Terry Strada

Terry Strada, 9/11 family victim and advocate, addresses the criticism that the 28 pages don't matter don't matter because it was the U.S. that was behind the 9/11 attacks........


"I'm not going to name names, but one of the members of Congress... I was sitting in his office, he said if the 28 pages comes out publicly, people will be shocked about what they learn about the United States, not about Saudi Arabia." - Some Guy I Don't Know The Name Of Who Is Fighting For The Release Of The 28 Redacted Pages


If there are no national security concerns, what crime would these members be charged with if they each, in part, revealed what was contained within?

If Lynch revealed a part that didn't tell enough of the story and then Jones revealed another part, and so on, until the whole context was understood, would this be a conspiracy?

Daniel Elsberg didn't make excuses. He didn't postpone his responsibility to the Constitution until it was convenient for himself.

No National Security Concern says Massie

“Based on my reading of the documents, I am confident that making these 28 pages public would not damage our national security." --Thomas Massie

No National Security Concern says Jones

“The Bush people do not want (the 28 pages) released. It’s not a national security issue, but it would be embarrassing to the previous administration if this information is opened for the public.”
@ mark 4:15

Lynch essentially says "No National Security Concern"

"As the Democratic Chairman of the Task Force on Terrorism and Proliferation Financing and a member of the Subcommittee on National Security, I recognize that at times it is vital to classify information in order to protect the security of our nation. After thoroughly reviewing the 28 pages, I believe that they can be declassified without harming U.S. intelligence sources and methods. Indeed, I firmly believe the information contained therein can be instructive in framing our current anti-terrorism policy going forward." --Stephen Lynch

Better yet, he is saying the release of the 28 pages will help national security.

National security classification

has been abused to the point that concealing corruption is now considered a valid reason for classification. Government officials hold the public in contempt and do not believe the public has a right to know the truth about the 9/11 attacks. What can you say about elected representatives who couldn't get off their ass and read the report? That is bizarre and they should resign in disgrace for that alone.

Original Classification Authority

Do we know the OCA for the 28 pages?


"Do we know the OCA for the 28 pages?"

Technically , it was the CIA. But in reality it was the Bush Administration. Part of the 28 pages deal with the "intelligence failures" that K Fenton wrote a book about. Those responsible for these "failures" were promoted and given medals.

Where can I find the source?

I don't doubt you are correct. Was this published?


There are probably several sources. Off the top of my head one is Summers and Swans' book, where on page 416 they write..."Inquiries established that, while withholdings were technically the responsibility of the CIA, the Agency would not have obstructed release of most of the twenty-eight pages. The order that they must remain secret had come from President Bush himself."

On page 417 they write.."The material was withheld from the public on the orders of President Bush."

I also know someone who talked with Sen B Graham about this, and he said the same thing.

In regards to part of the 28 pages dealing with the "Intelligence Failures". Listen carefully to the words used at the 1 minute mark.......

Summers and Swan, K Fenton, Robert Schopmeyer, and Lawrence Wright have all studied this issue and wrote books on the subject and none believe it was "a failure". It was deliberate. I've studied the issue as well, and agree with them. As Lawrence wright recently wrote....

"The C.I.A. evidently had begun an operation, and it wanted no interference from other government agencies."

People disagree on their theories, about the "operation" the CIA was up to. For instance, Richard Clarke put his theory forward.

But the result of their "operation" was 3000 people were murdered, and rewards to those that "failed", more power and money to the Government's Intelligence Agencies, and less freedom and privacy for it's citizens Lots of privacy for the Government which is still telling us we can't see the results of the investigation we paid for.

The fact that these pages remain hidden from the public is extremely outrageous and insulting. This has to be the most obvious cover- up in U.S. History.

Promotions, rewards and medals for "failures"? Or was the operation a success?