The Holocaust, Mind Control, and 9/11

Over the years, one of the most mindless techniques used to suppress questioning of 9/11 has been to equate such questions with Holocaust denial. This smear tactic has been used by propagandists like Glenn Beck, Michael Shermer, and Rachel Maddow, as well as by government representatives like Michael Chertoff. Recently I’ve thought about how absurd such diversionary claims are while at the same time recognizing that I have met some incredible people over the past decade. Two of those people led lives that were Holocaust-related and, for different reasons, their story should be better known.

During the time that I worked for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), I lived next door to an extraordinary woman. Sherry Moses was a widow who lived alone except for occasional visits from her children. She was unafraid, despite having suffered more than anyone I had ever met. I knew of her past suffering because she showed me her tattoo and told me how all of her family was killed at Auschwitz. Sherry was only a child when she was sent there.

In one of the interviews she had with the local newspaper, Sherry told her story of being shipped to Auschwitz on a cattle train, being hungry all the time, and watching others die.[1] She was actually walking in line behind her parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters, as they were led to the crematorium. Because of the specific number tattooed on her arm, she was spared along with a few, younger girls. She never really knew why.

When we were next-door neighbors, my wife and I found Sherry to be a charming and principled woman with a great sense of humor. When I raked her lawn or shoveled her sidewalk, she insisted on paying me something for the job. When she locked herself out of the house, I told her to ask the butler to open the door.  Without missing a beat, she said that she had given him the day off. Sherry told my wife that she thought I would do something great some day.

Sherry died exactly six years after I was fired by UL for attempting to shed light on the origins of another mass slaughter—the U.S.-led War of Terror. When I first spoke out about 9/11 the mainstream media was ignoring any such questioning, but six years later they had begun claiming that anyone like me must be a Holocaust denier.

To the contrary, I’m a Holocaust believer. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people behind the Holocaust were connected to the people who committed the crimes of 9/11. After all, the FBI has recently revealed documents that suggest that Adolf Hitler might not have died in 1945 but, instead, was hidden in Argentina until his death in 1965. It’s common knowledge that thousands of Nazis, many considered war criminals, were sheltered in Argentina and other South American countries.

Given that the Nazis were big fans of “The Big Lie” and that the crimes of 9/11 appear to be just such a lie (with FBI leadership suspected of being involved), it’s not too wild a notion that Hitler and his legacy survived. Moreover, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) used Nazi war criminals for intelligence operations after the war and the OSS assisted such war criminals in evading capture and prosecution. In a few cases, the OSS actually facilitated their immigration and assimilation in the United States. Therefore, people like Allen Dulles and William Casey, both high-level OSS officers and later CIA directors, provide strong links between the assimilation of Nazis and the U.S. deep state that is suspected of involvement in the 9/11 crimes.

This leads me to the second person I know who was related to the Holocaust, although less so. A former Nazi soldier actually contacted me in late 2012. This was Ernst Rodin, who over the past few years has developed an interest in groups seeking the truth about 9/11. He wrote asking if I would consider speaking at a conference that he was organizing on the subject.

If Rodin is known among 9/11 truth advocates at all it is because he attended The Vancouver Hearings in 2012. He was called both a participant and merely an attendee in that dubious affair, and was said to have had dinner with the organizers. Referred to as a retired psychologist in reviews of the event, Rodin went on to write about it extensively at his blog. It was shortly thereafter that Rodin decided to reach out to me and others in an attempt to organize another such conference. After looking into his background, which is far more interesting than that of any retired psychologist, I declined.

According to his autobiography, War & Mayhem, Rodin was a member of the Hitler Youth for four years and a soldier in the Nazi Wehrmacht for two. His war experiences included killing another soldier who turned out to be an ally and being mysteriously saved before the Russians overran his unit’s position and, presumably, killed everyone else.

Rodin went on to become a medical doctor specializing in neurology and he relocated from Vienna to the U.S. where he has led a full life. More interesting is that, in the U.S., he became a leading mind control experimentalist and a CIA asset. In fact, the late journalist Alexander Cockburn described Rodin as a “Dr. Stangelove” type and a mentor of the CIA mind control scientist, Lewis West. In a message to me, Rodin denied that he ever tutored West but he did acknowledge having been a CIA asset and he believed that the CIA still wanted something from him.

It is certain that Rodin has a history of conducting unusual experiments on humans.  Rodin used human subjects for many tests involving substances like LSD, marijuana, alcohol, PCP, and Metrazol. His experiments were focused on behavioral modification objectives similar to those of MK-Ultra, the CIA mind control project. MK-ULTRA started in 1953 just after Rodin came to the U.S. and at the same time that he began working with the CIA. The project was a successor program to the experiments run by Nazi scientists who had been brought to the U.S. for Operation Paperclip. MK-ULTRA combined the use of drugs, like those in Rodin’s experiments, with hypnosis in attempts to achieve behavioral modifications that existed for longer periods without the subject’s awareness.

Rodin was also at the center of a couple of famous legal cases related to mental health. Once he was sued because he almost convinced the Michigan Board of Health to let him implant electrodes in the brain of a violent inmate. Another doctor in Detroit at the time said that “state mental hospitals are similar to Nazi concentration camps in how they suppress and humiliate their involuntary inmates.” This was big news, as was Rodin’s call for castration of rioting black men in Detroit (a quote he denies). Rodin was further quoted saying it was time to “get down to cold-blooded medical research dealing with individuals rather than masses.”

Perhaps Rodin’s most famous patient was John Hinckley, Jr. If his March, 1981 attempt to assassinate President Reagan had been successful, Hinckley would have made George H.W. Bush the president for up to 12 years. Coincidentally, Hinckley’s brother had a dinner date scheduled with Neil Bush for the next day. Rodin was one of the psychiatrists who examined Hinckley, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

After presumably retiring from his mind-control science work, Rodin went on to write a great deal about Zionism and the problems of Jewish history. It seems odd that a former Nazi soldier would find it acceptable to live out his days in the U.S. writing about such things. But it is also interesting that such a person would attempt to insert himself among 9/11 truth advocates as a potential conference organizer. If such a conference did occur, the propagandists would have some material to work with. They would undoubtedly focus on the Nazi organizer angle while ignoring questions about why a CIA-linked mind-control scientist was so eager to get involved.

Anyway, Sherry Moses hoped that we would learn from World War II and the Holocaust. Unfortunately, due to organizations like the OSS, the CIA, and the propaganda machines of the 21st century, it seems that we are doomed to repeat some of the same mistakes. The people of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and those who have been indefinitely held and tortured in our War of Terror, would probably agree. Our best hope remains the chance that we will expose the Big Lie of 9/11 and learn from the deceptions behind it.

[1] May Lee Johnson, Auschwitz survivor a ‘walking miracle’: Survivor hopes to keep memory of prison alive, South Bend Tribune, January 30, 2005

Operation Paperclip and the Gehlen Organization

Operation Paperclip: The tight-knit relationship between the United States and the Nazis after World War II, including the wholesale continuation of the Nazi Eastern Front Intelligence Unit, known as the Gehlen Organization

Thank you for writing this

I also have come to see a continuity between the criminals that the 9/11 truth movement is seeking to expose, and those of the Third Reich. And that's one of the reasons I'm appalled whenever I come across someone who is supposedly for 9/11 truth, while simultaneously susceptible to those peddling the notion that the Nazi holocaust was simply some propaganda smear by the victors of WWII.

This is what I've observed: After learning not to trust the corporate media version of events, some people then seem to get the idea that the way to 'think critically' is the lazy approach of assuming that the opposite of everything we've been told must be true. The dictum to 'question everything' gets misinterpreted as 'reject everything, then accept whatever seems most contrary to what you've rejected.' The line of argument goes, 'Well, they lied about these other things--so maybe they lied about the Holocaust too.' Yeah, and maybe it really was Polish troops who crossed the border into Germany in 1939 (rather than some concentration camp inmates forced to put on Polish uniforms, then shot). And the banking ties between the Bush family and the Third Reich?--so what!

Similar points were discussed on this site (posted by Reprehensor) back in 2008:


'Finally, on a different track, there is the phenomenon of "Suddenly Blossoming Holocaust Truther" (SBHT) syndrome. Truthers who don't talk of their obsession with proving that the holocaust of WWII is a "hoax", until AFTER they have wormed their way into your community. The most clear cut example of this is of course Eric Hufschmid. (Jim Hoffman's tells the basic tale here.)***

The general pattern is as follows, the "Holocaust Truther" makes friends and allies within your 9/11 community, even publishes a great book or video, (in Hufschmid's case, both a book and a video), and after a period of time (after the work of the Holocaust Truther has been disseminated and quoted widely) the real Truther is revealed.

What is one of the most popular 9/11 Truth videos on the street right now?

Arguably, Sofia Shafquat's "911 Mysteries".

Sofia Shafquat is currently selling "The+Ernst+Zundel+Story" at her online store.

I repeat; One of the highest profile 9/11 Truth websites is selling an Ernst Zundel documentary. This has been going on for months.'


Finally, Kevin, I have a correction. You write that, had Hinckley succeeded in assassinating Reagan, he '...would have made George H.W. Bush the president for up to 12 years.' Whereas the 22nd Amendment, in fact, limits U.S. Presidents to two 4-year terms. This was ratified in the early '50s, in large part as a reaction to FDR's having recently (at that time) run for and won the presidency four times.

Bush could have run twice on his own


The article is right about the possibility of George H.W. Bush being president for nearly 12 years. The 22nd Amendment only limits a person to two elected terms as president. It would not count the succession.

Had John Hinckley Jr. been successful in assassinating Ronald Reagan in March 1981, then Vice president George H.W. Bush would have finished out Reagan's elected first term and then been eligible to run for two terms on his own. Had he won those two terms running for president on his own, in 1984 and 1988, that would have made him president for nearly 12 years.

LBJ finished out John Kennedy's first term after the assassination in 1963, then ran and won in 1964, and was eligible to run in 1968, although he decided not to.

You're right

You're right. I overlooked the fact that the attempt was very early in Reagan's term. I don't know why that wasn't clear enough to me; there was no need for my incorrect 'correction.'

Fuller explanation

Not to drag this out, but for the sake of completeness and accuracy, I did learn some more about the 22nd amendment: It includes the provision, ' person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.'

What this effectively does is limit the maximum number of years anyone can serve as US president to 10 years--no more than 2 years of a predecessor's term, plus two 4-year terms of one's own. There is additional language that exempted the sitting president at the time the amendment was passed, Harry Truman, from this provision. Despite the fact that Truman had served almost all of FDR's last term, and had then been elected to his own four-year term, this exemption meant that he would have been permitted to run for another four-year term in 1952--but decided not to.

As Tony Szamboti has said, Lyndon Johnson could have run for a second term in 1968, but decided not to. Yet this was because he had only served out the last year and two month's of JFK's term. Had he run again and won in '68, and served out the new term to its completion, his total time served as president would have been 9 years and 2 months--compatible with the provisions of the 22nd amendment.

By contrast, if Hinckley's assassination attempt on Reagan succeeded, George H.W. Bush would have succeeded to the presidency with well over half of Reagan's term still to be completed, and so would have been eligible to run for only one four-year term of his own afterwards, not two. In that scenario, the number of years served as president by GHWB would have been a little under 8 years.

But regardless of the total number of years he would have served, the point is (relating back to Kevin Ryan's piece) that there were interests who would have preferred to have him in office sooner rather than later.

Very interesting article

I much enjoyed reading Kevin's interesting and thoughtful new article.

There is, incidentally, a book about how Adolf Hitler was allowed to escape from Germany in 1945, written by a couple of British authors, which came out a couple of years ago. The official website of the book, Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, is here: You can listen to a good interview with one of its authors here:

Kevin Ryan

Always on point.

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

By the gods.
stepping away from RODIN
Is a very very good move.

His 'finding' Hinckley insane, would be a meeting of minds.

Holocaust Denial Smear

There is nothing better to the apologists, propaganda, disinformation, Cass Sunstein clown operators for the official 911 fairy tale than to dismiss 911 Truth as a bunch of "holocaust deniers." There is probably no better smear to super nova the public into cognitive dissidence than to stick the holocaust denier tag to the 911 Movement.
I remember what Bob Shapiro told me. He said, "It is very hard to disprove a negative." Trying to overcome it means you have to play in their ballpark. It is a rough go.
So, the best reaction to "holocaust denial" is not to go there. It's not germane to the topic, and counter productive to winning the day. 911 Truth needs patriotic Jewish Americans on board to win this thing. It is going to be tough to win it without them.
The best strategy is shame them of not fulfilling their responsibility of fair play, and for standing up to every form of tyranny. As Dr. Finkelstein strongly contends at the very top that his mild scholarly voice can muster, 911 Truth has to be disgusted about justifying new atrocities based on atrocities of another. Murder, is murder.
Another strategy to handle the "holocaust denier" smear, is to open the can of worms better known as "Operation Gladio." Let the public chew on the fact the United States shadow government, the rogue state, CIA, military industrial prison complex, has demonstrated they have no qualms about murdering innocent kids, grandmas, grandpas, to further their goals of power and control. Some of these international criminals still walk the streets among the innocent. They need to be exposed. 911 was an Operation Gladio event.
This brings us to a two prong offensive. Yes, we must fight at home. The Highrise Initiative is the best attack we have at the moment. It provides 911 Truth an opportunity to get outside of the enemy's strangle hold of the main stream media, and the courts. It helps expose the enemy too. Let the enemy stick their heads up to advocate the crime of the century needs not a criminal investigation!
The other strategy is "outside-in."
Using "Operation Gladio" as the rallying cry, 911 Truth can win many friends in Europe and around the world. The process of closing the world down to the war criminals has begun and it is the goal of both 911 Truth and men of conscience to see it accelerate.
The example of this is George Bush "The Younger," also affectionately known as "Dubya," he has been advised not to travel overseas for fear of arrest. His cancellation of his trip to Switzerland is evidence 911 Truth is making some progress. Government to government communication from the U.S. to Switzerland about Bush's planned trip did not go well for Dubya. The U.S.'s request for Swiss assurance Bush would not be arrested was greeted in the negative. The Swiss position was clear. The Swiss courts are totally independent from suasion coming from the U.S., let alone from the federal government of Switzerland. The Federal Swiss government could not guarantee Bush's safe passage.
Even when Bush has a foreign government's assurance of safe passage like his up coming trip to Canada, it will not save him from the world court of public opinion. Groups will mount a "citizen's arrest" campaign and spread the message over the news. There is no better way to win the court of world opinion than to see a peaceful group, seeking justice, ready to martyr themselves to attack. Remember the dogs being released on the civil rights demonstrators in the 60's? The thugs won the day, but lost the war.
911 Truth is not about holocaust denial. It's about getting to the bottom of the crime of the century. These mass murdering psychopaths are still loose and walk the streets amongst the innocent. Psychology says clearly their mayhem is never done until they are brought to justice or swinging at the end of a rope. Our task of bringing justice has to win. Failure is not an option. If 911 Truth doesn't win, it is just a matter of time before this criminal gang of psychopaths visits violence on you, your family, your friends or your neighbors. This is guaranteed.