Kurt Sonnenfeld video collection being released by Loose Change

According to the Facebook page for the film Loose Change

"We just found this guy's [Kurt Sonnenfeld] footage on an old hard drive. 580 minutes, almost 10 hours. Some say he killed his wife, some say it's an elaborate attempt to frame him because of what's in the footage. Should we put it online and let the public decide?"

And apparently the decision was made to upload it.

Loose Change: A 9/11 Truth Film: "It is now uploading, one clip at a time. No guarantees how exciting it will be, but as far as we know it's all of Kurt's footage unless he comes forward to state otherwise."

The process is still ongoing. The footage is being uploaded on Loose Change's youtube channel.

Loose Change Facebook link:

Loose Change Youtube link:


I've been working through these videos being most interested in looking at the steel. One thing that stands out is lack of tearing and deformation where the 14" exterior wall box column assemblies attached to each other vertically. The bolts are gone, but there's little/no evidence of bending nor tearing at the bolt holes/end plate. I'd be interested to hear input from a structural engineer as to the size and grade of the bolts used. Would they be expected to universally "shear off" so cleanly? Also, saw a couple of core box columns where Gordon Ross had said that if a charge was placed at the end near the weld you would see a concave face on one side.

Side note: On tape 7 at around the 5 minute mark Kurt is interviewing a first responder. He is asked though doesn't clearly state that he is referring to WTC 7 (inferred by me). The first responder says the building was used as "a morgue" and "triage" area until they were told that it was coming down and they had to leave. Apparently, he ran. If I infer correctly then this would support Barry Jenning's (RIP) comment about "stepping over bodies". Time of day is critical.

These are just a few first impressions.


I too noticed what you mention re the exterior columns. There seemed to be a lot of breaking at the bolts. You see a lot of the 3-floor/3-column pre-fabricated sections. It is even noticable on the part of the exterior left still standing - you can see that what has broken off is at the joins.

Something else I noticed was in the video of the interior of a store - the windows are broken, you can see piles of debris outside and everything is covered in dust but the shelves are still full of items nicely arranged. I have often heard an argument that the debris from WTC1 and 2 hitting the ground caused an earthquake-like effect which weakened the foundations of WTC7. Well, if this "earthquake" cannot knock a few items off a shelf, then it's not going to do anything to any foundations.

Would there be anything to see here?

Apart from its obvious historical interest, should we expect anything here? Is this the footage Sonnenfeld alludes to, or is it just extra footage he gave Loose Change to use if they wanted? Anyone know?


We have long heard from Mr. Sonnenfeld himself that he had very incriminating photos and we are yet to see anything of any real substance. A large photograph collection of his was uploaded to blogger and nothing of any significance was in them. There were many high quality photos of the debris pile. In fact, I noted myself that they were better not for what they showed, but what they didn't show. What you didn't see in them was large pieces of concrete, no furniture, filing cabinets, computers, or steel decking that the concrete was poured onto. The NIST release of videos was far more damaging and I am quite sure of the over 3000+ files, photos, and videos that NIST STILL has in it's possession, and is not releasing, contains the most damning evidence of all.


Just some context from the LC people

would be nice. How it is they have the footage; did Sonnenfeld give them the okay to release, and is it even Sonnenfeld's call. Wouldn't this material technically belong to FEMA?

Kurt Sonnenfeld Ground Zero Footage (Part 1 of 2)


Kurt Sonnenfeld Ground Zero Footage (Part 1 of 2)

Published on Apr 7, 2014

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a videographer for FEMA prior to 2002 and was one of four FEMA photographers who were given exclusive access to Ground Zero following the September 11 Attacks in New York in 2001.

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Kurt Sonnenfeld Ground Zero Footage PLAYLIST