Rep. Jim McDermott -- questions about Building 7 are legitimate and merit further investigation

Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA), while a guest on C-SPAN's Washington Journal on April 3rd, 2014, answered a question from a caller about Building 7's destruction on 9/11 and the evidence that explosives of some kind brought it down. The Congressman said that he has seen videos covering the issue and that the questions surrounding it are legitimate, meriting further investigation.

" day we will have further examination of that issue...I think the sooner the better, but that's just my personal view".

Jim McDermott says what they all think before...

spouting their rehearsed canned answer. Good job Andrew!
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Revolution Number Seven?

The Building 7 issue is of such huge significance it cannot be over-emphasized. This is undoubtedly why it has been ignored, swept under the carpet , marginalized and subsequently dismissed by every official body and mainstream media outlet. The evidence and proof that 7 (and the Twin Towers) were taken down with explosives is overwhelming and unrebutted - any other explanations fail utterly and completely at the first hurdle.

So, where does that leave us, as regards "militant Muslims" being responsible for 9/11? Where does that place the "Arab" connection, or anything to do with the Middle East, for that matter? How about "al Qaeda"? The entire explosives issue calls into question the identity of who were flying the planes - because two airliner crashes into two buildings, and then those two buildings (and one more nearby) being demolished with explosives as two separate and unconnected events an hour apart is clearly the most bizarre/impossible coincidence imaginable.

It seems that the US (and western) collective awareness/mass psychology has been played like so may violins. Since the 1950s, the mass media - from radio, TV, newspapers, Hollywood, movies, you name it - has maligned and vilified the "Arab" (and the "Persian") and therefore by extension, the "Muslim", as universally "evil", "violent" "thieving", "untrustworthy", "murderous", "barbaric", "terrorists", "uncivilized", and every other negative trait or attribute than can be thrown about. Numerous books and documentaries have been written about this very topic in recent years.

So when it came to selling 9/11 - the powers that be (and their media lackeys) had a pretty simple job. All they had to do - well before any hard evidence - or as it turned out, fabricated "evidence" - was forthcoming, was inject a conspiracy theory into the collective awareness - a conspiracy theory that we the American (and western) public WANTED to believe. This conspiracy theory was aired 24/7, ad nauseam without challenge for years before the truth movement got started, on account of evidence and necessity. It became a comfort, in a way, to know that an alien, outside party that we have been collectively conditioned for decades to HATE - was responsible for so much death and destruction. It gave us a cause to rally behind a war against something that everyone loathes and fears - terrorism. (And, coincidentally, what we needed for our oil based economy just happened to be right under their borders too).

I believe our collective zeal to "blame the Muslim/Arab" was factored into any feasibility study of 9/11 - and it gave the perpetrators - whoever they were - some leg room, in the event of things not going quite to plan. It appears that Building 7's demise was clearly something that didn't go according to plan, finally going down some 6 hours too late. It stood out like a sore thumb - but the psychological battering of the day - aka "shock and awe" - left most of us devoid of the rational, consumed with the emotional.

So, it is no wonder that the story of "7" has been so systematically buried. The implications are too much for many folks' comfort zone, and violate what is politically correct: How could we white, good, western Judaeo-Christian people have been involved in something so horrendous? Answer - impossible - it MUST have been those terrible brown-skinned uncivilized characters form the other side of the globe who wear towels around their heads, worship Allah, and speak weird languages.