Luke Rudkowski interviews Russ Tice

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Cheney to NSA: Spy on Supreme Court Judges

Cheney to NSA: Spy on Supreme Court Judges

Published on Apr 5, 2014

Before Edward Snowden there was Russell Tice, a former NSA employee. During the Bush Administration, Tice turned whistle blower after he discovered that the NSA was directly spying on members of congress, the Supreme Court, and journalists under direct orders of Vice President Dick Cheney himself.

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Luke does a good interview with Mr. Tice, which partially focused on Tice's vindication by the Snowden docs. His claim that 75% of what he’d talked about had been backed up by the Snowden docs, so far, was complimented with the claim that the rest would come out, with time. They do not, unfortunately, approach the question of How much time?

Still, this was a good chance for Mr. Tice to present his story as one that has been vindicated and to clear his name. And he’s earned that for sure.

Some questions for Mr. Tice:

  • What does he think happened to the NSA’s plan (the one he alluded to at the end of this interview) to “get” Greenwald, when he visited the US?
  • Does he still choose to side with the rationale that hitting the media over the head with a 2×4 every few weeks is better than wasting the precious cache in a single dump? Even though, we have obviously been stuck with a meta-data-only meme, with all eyes toward reform, instead of the truth about all phone call audio content being recorded and respect for the people’s right to know, the benefit of transparency, the benefit of competing analyses, the constitution, with an eye toward prosecution and dismantling of the NSA?
  • Will there be a time when he will be able to tell us what he knows about the shoot down of flight 93? He has alluded to the fact that he does know something in previous interviews at BFP, such as this (at about 1:01:10).

The Plight of the Whistleblower

Russell Tice - The Forgotten NSA Whistleblower who O'reilly Smeared and Ridiculed in 2006

This video is about Russell Tice, and like Edward Snowden; Russell was a former NSA Analyst. In this video Russell is being smeared by Bill O'Reilly and confronted at his home by a Fox news reporter for saying exactly to the T, everything Edward Snowden has came out with regarding the NSA and it's spying and collection programs. One thing is different however, and that's the fact that Tice first spoke out almost 10 years ago back in 2005.

Keith Olbermann interviews Russel Tice

Full Kieth Olbermann Interview with Russell Tice about the NSA programs he was involved in and how he was instructed to spy on Americans.

Russ Tice: Life as a NSA Whistleblower

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange speaks with NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice about NSA oversight , access journalism, government leaks, life as a NSA whistleblower and the national whistleblower coalition.

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