Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story - FEATURE



Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story - FEATURE
Eric Stacey

Published on Apr 22, 2014

An investigative journalist explores the "murder-suicide" of 9/11 author Marshall Philips and his two children days after Philips announced a new book to include sensational new evidence of those behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Based on actual events.

Is it fact-based? I see it

Is it fact-based? I see it and I am quite shocked. Is it real? Where is the prove, that for example the neighbor discovered the dead, phoned the police and it took the police 18 hours to show up? That in the meantime the neighbor observed strangers in the house during night? That already in the next day or two days later the crime scene was cleaned and the case closed?

911 Free Fall

Andrew Steele interviewed film maker Eric Stacey on Andy's great show "911 Free Fall" which is archived at No Lies Radio:

Wiki Database of Suspicious Deaths

It's time to start a wiki database of suspicious deaths related to suspected foul play. Kennedy assassination and 9/11 suspicious deaths could be added retroactively.

Here's my list...

Mysterious Deaths.

CIA Director William Colby
Sean Hoare ~ Murdoch Whisleblower
Deborah Jeane Palfrey ~ D.C. Madam
Mike Connell ~ Ohio Election Fraud
Paul Wellstone ~ Election, 9/11
Gary Webb ~ investigative journalist
Danny Casolaro ~ investigative journalist
Gary Caradori ~ investigating the Franklin Cover Up
Jim Hatfield ~ Bush author
Pat Tillman ~ Patriot
Hunter S. Thompson ~ Gannon-9/11-Intro to LC
Dr. Bruce Ivins ~ Anthrax
Lori Klausutis ~ aide to Joe Scarborough
Beverly Eckert ~ 9/11 widow plane crash
Dr. David Kelly ~ British Weapons Inspector
Barry Jennings ~ WTC 7 Whistleblower
John O'Neill ~ worked in WTC first day
Dr. David Graham ~ 9/11 Whistleblower
JFK Jr. ~ Journalist, Potential Candidate
Mel Carnahan ~ Democratic Governor of Missouri
Col. James E. Sabow ~ Whistleblower and Marine
Col. Ted Westhusing ~ Returning home from Iraq
Nancy Schaefer ~ Georgia State Senator
Raymond Lemme ~ Election Integrity
Officer Terrance Yeakey ~ Oklahoma City Bombing
Vicki Morgan ~ Reagan era call girl
Dag Hammarskjöld ~ UN Secretary-General
Michael Hastings ~ Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed Journalist NSA
Barnaby Jack ~ Famous Hacker

Congressman Larry McDonald ~ died in plane

Tracy Lawrence ~ Financial Robo-Signing whistleblower
Ray Gricar ~ DA that never prosecuted Jerry Sandusky
Matthew Simmons ~ BP Oil Spill whistle blower

Looks like there already is one.

Maybe a little incomplete though.


Quiet now.

How many suicides occur just inside the front door ?
Where you'd go when the doorbell rang; to open it.
Maybe a postman calling.....somebody in uniform....

How many did Al Martin say he knew of directly murdered or suicided or otherwise found dead in canals and in cars since MENA and Iran/contra?
That he knew of.
And that was by yr. 2000 so, since then the cabal has done 911, and covered that, plus the homegrown FF's, covering them, so any guess now. But the connection to Barry SEAL is so important to this. Marshall had connections. He had been in there. MENA was Clinton and Bush, North and the whole nest...Armitage etc. so he must have known what the odds were. Must have known who and what he was dealing with.

But. 18 hours between call in and police presence......
The quick clean up.
The cremation without Estranged Wife/Mother consent....
No ballistics data.
The removal of computers and books/papers..... sais it all.
No more blockbuster.

Mister Stacey, congratulations for a fine piece of work. Thank you.


Great summary, remo.