Luke Rudkowski interviews Rudy Dent

And Richard Gage

Luke also interviews Richard Gage here:

Sounds of explosions?

I wish Luke had asked Mr. Dent if he heard any sounds of explosions from WTC7.

Well, he did ask that...

Not directly, but Luke asked if he witnessed or noticed anything that made him suspicious that something was wrong that day.

Rudy Dent just started talking about all the familiar things we've all heard a thousand times before. To be honest I found this interview quite disappointing. I was hoping That mr. Dent could tell us some more about statements that WTC7 was gonna come down hours beforehand, that WTC7 was going to be brought down, that he witnessed deep rumbles or underground explosions preceding WTC7's collapse, something like that.

Instead, all he gave us was the same old statements, some of them not even being factual (what antenna shooting up before it came down??? Gimme a break!).

I'm sure Luke must've been disappointed as well after this interview. Not to take anything away from mr. Dent, but he didn't bring anything new to the table, in fact he would've been an easy prey for someone who knows how to defend the official story.

I can't argue with what you've said, but...

What I like about the interview is learning that Rudy Dent is a firefighter who was there at the scene on 9/11 and who appears to be on our side.

It is true what he said was old news, but from a new individual source.

It would be helpful if he were to be interviewed in the future with a set of the most pertinent questions. A sit-down interview would probably work best.

He's important because people tend to respect and listen to the firefighters.