Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

a really beautiful video, makes me cry
what u said at the beginning is how i've felt many times also...

the elite class want us all to be divided against each other, to view the other as the enemy and/or our competitor, rather than to love each other as our brother and sister
encouraging us through media to not smile, not make eye contact, not to communicate. wear dark sunglasses so can't see each others eyes, wear headphones so can't hear each other and Nature either
for example, public announcement/scrolling text repeated over and over to report suspicious persons or baggage, and that we are subject to random searches, blah blah blah

these so called elite think they got us right where they want us, alone, and plugged into their mind control feed, to keep us in constant state of fear, since they themselves live in fear of losing their power
they don't understand that their power is an illusion, just as the fear they manufacture

anyhow, we can know the tree by the fruit (or lack of it, in case of so-called leaders and elite class)
and we are more motivated by love than fear
and we're all waking up

Thank you Luke