AE911Truth Slandered over 9/11 Museum Outreach Legal Action Considered

Written by Craig McKee

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth needs your energy and your outrage over how the organization and the cause of 9/11 Truth were treated by the mainstream media last month.

Specifically, we're asking you to write a letter to CNN to let the station know how you feel about the recent installment of The Lead with Jake Tapper. The five-minute report dealt with the AE911Truth initiative to distribute our alternative brochures at the site of the newly opened National September 11 Memorial and Museum, which we attended. You can send your letter to CNN via this link on its web site.

For background on the AE911Truth reaction to the CNN report, read the article currently posted on our website.

Tapper and Bazelon claimed that handing out museum brochures that mimicked the design of the "official" ones but contained an alternative perspective on 9/11 was an affront to the victims' families and that we were “spreading lies.” They alleged that those who challenge the official story are motivated by anti-Semitism and a need to "make sense of the senseless." And, to no one's surprise, they ignored all the scientific evidence that AE and other experienced researchers have presented over the nearly 13 years since the event.

David Laing of the AE911Truth writing team has already written to CNN about the Tapper/Bazelon hit piece. He states in his letter:

“I was disappointed by the paranoid reaction that Jake Tapper had to the presence of members of the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. These are credentialed, professional people who are concerned that the conclusions of the official government reports on the 9/11 catastrophe don't stand up to scientific scrutiny. To dismiss them by calling them crazy conspiracy theorists and enemies of the government is simply uncalled for, and it is also false on both counts.”

Laing goes on to argue that sincere people who don't buy the official 9/11 story should not be attacked for standing up for what they believe:

“What if the official reports ARE wrong and the conclusions of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are right?

"What then? Should we all just suck our thumbs and carry on living a lie because the truth is simply too horrible to contemplate?

"Or should we comport ourselves like responsible, patriotic citizens who love their country enough to want to make every effort to ensure that we the people have actually placed ourselves in good, honest, and trustworthy hands?”

We can join David and inform CNN that we don't accept its inaccurate, biased, and unwarranted attack on AE911Truth and on all those who question the government-sanctioned version of 9/11.

With our usual grace, guts, and grit, we need to tell CNN how we feel!

Please copy your letter before you hit the send button on CNN's website, and paste it in the box on the "Contact Us" link. We'd like to compile your missives and display them with your name on our website.

Support AE911Truth's exploration into direct legal action against CNN. Our attorney has assured us that CNN has clearly stepped over the line in an act of slander, which carries legal ramifications. We need your financial support to hire the experts to enter into the exploratory stages of a lawsuit. This case could very well become the best opportunity yet to place the WTC evidence into the legal record through the discovery process and yield a dramatic win for 9/11 Truth over the entire mainstream media.