Real Publicity About the Need for 9/11 Truth

Wonderful video. It doesn't quite come out and say the things about 9/11 that need to be said, but it comes close. Further, Ron Paul has a very large following and from this video I can see why.

Thanks Pecosin Rat

Walter Jones is my rep as you know. This is important stuff -- we have Congressmen who are trying to declassify information pertaining to 9/11. I agree it doesn't go far enough but this is a door-opener, not a limited hang-out and should be seen as such. It shows we were lied to. Anything that opens the door on this subject is welcome -- nothing will be put to bed -- it will only explode further. The perpetrators are the people behind the patsies, the people who created and control 'Al Qaeda,' the people who ran war games, the people who lied to us, the torturers. The reason the air was unsafe to breathe is because the buildings were demolished. I think another LTE in the Greenville paper is in order. Let's stir the pot.

Great Way to Push the Door Open


Great idea about the LTE. It is timely and could push the video more into the mainstream in Eastern NC.


Why won't these Congress members simply tell the public what they read in the 28 pages?

How come they don't just publish a reasonably detailed synopsis anonymously on the web?

How would the FBI ever know which one did it? Would they all be thrown in jail until someone cracked under torture?

Would they be sent to Guantanamo for waterboarding?

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