Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate The 9/11 Attacks?

please contact representatives / this can really work

First, Thanks Kawika.

While we can all make educated guesses, I'm tired of being in the dark. I am preparing (privately) a list of all my friends, relatives, and associates who are even remotely likely to contact their congresspersons (and senators, for S.R. 400). When the list is complete, which should be soon, I am contacting them and imploring them to do so regarding H Res 428. http://28pages.org/congress-watch/

Here are two paragraphs from near the end of Justin Raimondo's essay. For those who haven't read his essay, please note he is not denying Saudi involvement, but suggesting, in addition, active Israeli complicity.

"What’s in the 28 censored pages of the Joint Inquiry into 9/11? We don’t know for sure – but if Israel is involved, then we do know why they won’t let us read those pages.

Representatives Jones, Lynch, and Massie have sparked a movement to declassify the 28 pages: go here for more information. This is a fight we need to win – but we can only do it by raising a huge stink. Call or write your congressional representatives and urge them to join the three congressmen who are fighting for your right to know. And spread the word." [Ten congressmen are presently on board, September 1, 2014.]

The 28 pages are the tip of an Everest-sized iceberg. To switch metaphors, I think they may be the cascade that will lead to further investigations and the truth of 9/11, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Sound impossible? I don't think so. One true investigation may well lead to others, including of U.S. complicity.

Fox News stuff from 2001 / explosive ordinance units

This will be very old news to most here, but it seems worth posting in the context of Raimondo's essay, especially the connection with the 28 pages.


It's been years since I've watched this. At about 2:40, it says: "Israelis questioned 'Stated they served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units.'"

Explosive ordinance units?

Earlier, at 1:17 it reads:

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence gathered. It is classified information."

Sound familiar? (Graham, Lynch, Massie, etc.)

And beginning at approximately 1:23, Israelis within the U.S, spying on Arab suspects within U.S., prior to 9/11.


Edit: Here's an informative blog about the Israeli art students:

The "art students" really got around. The Fox video above lists them as penetrating: Military bases/DOD; DEA; FBI; Secret Service; ATF; U.S. Customs; IRS; INS; EPA; Interior Dept; U.S. Marshal's Service; Various U.S Attorneys' Offices; "Secret Government Offices".

Connect the dots

‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.’" So there's classified evidence linking Israelis to 9/11.... and there's 28 classified pages in the 9/11 report pertaining to a foreign government's involvement.

Walter Jones would not be "shocked" about discovering Saudi complicity -- he would be shocked to find out that a "trusted" ally like Israel was involved. He is hinting as hard as he possibly can without breaking the oath. If the 28 pages aren't released, I think these men should hold a press conference and blurt it out anyway. Pandora's box would be wide open and they'd have millions of supporters. No one involved in the 9/11 attacks should be protected.

Yes, RL, Thanks. There's

Yes, RL, Thanks. There's something chilling in this.

Sometimes what seems obvious is not really true. But it appears there were numbers of foreign agents sufficient to bring down WTC 1, 2, and 7.

It explains why Larry Silverstein could say "pull it," which does in fact mean to bring down a building, and not even be investigated for it, while most of us are warned not to leave backpacks unattended in an airport. (I.e media ownership and its interests, as well as U.S. Government interests.) (And Silverstein's phone conversation with the so-called "fire-commander" begins to make at least a little more sense.)

It is also difficult to believe the foreign agents were not colluding with members within our own Intelligence agencies. If the foreign agents were merely helping us "track" the Saudis, why all the secrecy and lack of sharing between agencies? It is unlikely we were "played" by the foreign agents, because (as per Sibel Edmonds et al) there was specific high-level U.S. foreknowledge.

It explains why Walter Jones would declare, "There will be no hope for America's future if the American people don't know the truth... [about] 9/11."

The major U.S. media should not be in the hands of any single group. The media ownership must diversify, or we're screwed.

Jones is presumably hinting at both peace of mind and U.S. international policies, not specifically the media, but it all connects.

PS To others. In the past I've seen people here castigated for implying Israeli participation in 9/11. Any hesitation I have, to make an out-and-out claim for their participation at this point, is not from political correctness but because the 28 pages have not yet been declassified. But the present evidence does suggest Israeli as well as Saudi participation. If they did participate, hopefully we will learn to what extent. For the record, I do not oppose Judaism, nor do I support retaliation or "pogroms" of any kind based on ethnicity. I do emphatically support finding out who committed the crimes of 9/11 and punishing those individuals.

Gladio Plan B

#GladioPlanB - Watch @sibeledmonds w/@corbettreport 6 parts: http://t.co/W9Iesiz8cy @TheLoneGladio

Sibel says that Saudi involvement is basically US/NATO involvement, since the Saudis are mostly playboys and puppets doing the bidding of the USA, not planning or orchestrating 9/11.

I'm surprised that I don't hear/read anyone in the alt-media mentioning Gladio Plan B when discussing both 9/11 and all of the major US backed destabilization campaigns by religious extremist terrorists. The interviews with Corbett have been available for more than a year. Hopefully, more will watch the video series I linked above.

Sibel is also releasing a new book this September 11, called The Lone Gladio. While she went the fiction route in order to bypass the government hurdles, we can be sure that she is sending a message about the truth in the composite characters and events in the book. Look for the link between this operation and the opium trade, as well as to attacks on the Homeland, specifically 2001. Hopefully the book will help those who haven't taken the time to watch her testimony described with Corbett (above), to start to really understand that this is evidence, eye-witness testimony of communications and documentation. So we can understand that the US participation in 9/11, and all the other major terror crimes, has a name. The FBI has a file labeled Gladio Plan B, and there is an office in the Pentagon where this operation is headquartered.

This isn't to say that there aren't non-governmental participants. Or that the whole government was in on it. But, we have a name for this operation and we aren't using it, for the most part. Gladio Plan B.