The Lone Gladio Released! (Updated)

[UPDATE: I re-wrote this. I wrote it in a hurry yesterday and had time to say a little more in this edit.]

The Lone Gladio, a new novel by Sibel Edmonds, was released on September 11th, 2014. It's a work of fiction, something Ms. Edmonds chose to do as a calculated sidestepping of the legal red tape and threats from the government, which she experienced first hand with her first book, a non-fiction memoir called Classified Woman. Edmonds writing is brilliantly sophisticated, while simply satisfying. She's learned how to utilize some literary devices so well that she won't seem like a first time novelist.

Through her composite characters and events in this new book, we begin to see much deeper into the world of the deep state. While some of the characters are an easy peg, if you're trying to list all of the characters next to their analogous real-life inspiration, you'll find it impossible. But if that's what we have to sacrifice in order to learn about what's really been going on with our politicians, our corrupt and corporate controlled shell of a federal government, then so be it - for now. You won't find yourself that far away from some of the places Ms. Edmonds took you with Classified Woman. Then, suddenly, you'll find yourself travelling all over the globe, watching operations unfold, full of dangerous killers, blackmail, a plethora of spies, and some very sickening politicians.

Through the tension and release of an unlikely combination of protagonists, you'll start to understand the orchestra of Operation Gladio Plan B. This is the name we've been needing to learn. This novel is a creative, yet, coming from Sibel, realistic, portal to the inner workings of the deep state. It unmasks what lies behind world events, corruption, terrorism, human trafficking, the drug trade, etc.

Yes, Gladio Plan B should be coming off the tongues of every alt-media producer, yet it's difficult to find any who know about it. I'm confident that will soon change, thanks to Sibel and this book, which could end up being the first in a trilogy, if it's received well.

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Sounds really good

If I'd ever heard this was in the works, I'd forgotten. Thanks for getting the word out.


It's really a good book. Even after reading CW, when I was first surprised at how well she wrote, I was impressed all over again. The book actually made me laugh, smile sometimes, and at others, kind of curl my lips in surprised disgust. She's pretty graphic...

The gulf between perception and reality

Take The Lone Gladio, The Interrogator by Glenn Carle and The Triple Agent by Joby Warrick. How is the public supposed to reconcile the vastly different realities portrayed in these accounts? Carle is a well educated guy. Is his entire book BS? Does he have no ability to recognize corruption? In The Triple Agent the entire bureaucracy cuts corners on al-Balawi because they are so desperate to find al-Zawahiri. Is Warrick's entire book BS?

The Interro-Gutter

Well, I went to look at Glann Carle's website about the book. First thing I noticed was the endorsement on the right side of the page, from Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson. Look no further for complete bullshit. Plame was outed a full 2 years before the big farce we all watched. She was outed by a Gladio Plan B participant, and State Department icon named Marc Grossman.

I was going to look for the publisher of the book, but I didn't need to go that far.


I forgot to mention that the Wilsons are actually friends with Grossman.

Triple Bologna

If you are going down the path of double-crossing triple agents, bad assets, and other incompetence CYA narratives, you are going to be lost and so is your money.

"“An extraordinary story of intrigue and betrayal. . . . Warrick shows how the pressure for results led the CIA to take shortcuts when it came to handling an agent who some feared, correctly, was too good to be true.” —Foreign Affairs "

Well the CFR has got your back anyway.

Have you read The Lone Gladio? I hope you will start to understand just what's gone on here. This is why Sibel was gagged. If you want the non-fiction explanation from Sibel, here's where it starts:

In summary, those two books you mentioned are bullshit and scripted. Straight up. I think you'll start to understand this when you take the time to watch the interview and read the book, if you haven't already. I'm guessing you haven't, because your questions would have already been answered.

I'm not sure why you find this so simplistic

I read the book and watched the Gladio B series. The implications of Gladio B are that our reality is night and day from what we are led to believe. The degree of manipulation and sickness is hard to understand. It reminds me of the movie The Truman Show.

Night and Day

You said it pretty simply yourself. Hang around and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, better than any other news and analysis source available.

Another simple rule: generally the big publishing deals and Hollywood movie deals, and throw in oligarchy funded news oeganizations, are going to be more on the "leading you to believe" side of the equation. IMHO

The recognized jolt of confusion about what we knew before, can be a part of the learning process. It won't be easy for many. But with time and repetition and a support network, it can happen. What we need now is to start challenging all the alt-media producers to learn or talk about this operation. This institutionalized program in the Pentagon. Because once it's understood, that the real fight is about basic human decency, we'll have all the numbers we need.

For Instance

Take a listen to (1) Guillermo Jimenez in this excellent audio piece that contextualizes 20 years of war in Iraq, within the larger destabilization game. With poignant excerpts from (2) his recent 90-minute interview with Sibel about TLG and the rationale behind the book (also below), we can understand the real narrative taking place. The why is also described.


The latest example

James Risen.

From the recent coverage I have seen thus far his theory of the war on terror is that the Bush administration overreacted and in the process opened the floodgates for war on terror profiteering. Perhaps Lone Gladio is a step too far for someone in the MSM. Has Risen never heard of the classified 28 pages of the JI report? Is he unfamiliar with all the weird intelligence community conduct in regard to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar? He reminds me of MSM 9/11 authors like Kurt Eichenwald who simply ignore troubling information that contradicts the notion of an overreaction theory.

Russ Tice & Risen

Russ Tice was one of the sources (NSA Whistle Blower) for Risen in 2004/2005. Russ Tice said in June 2013 that all audio content of all phone calls in the USA are being recorded. He also said that the POTUS, SCOTUS, and all high level (committee members) in Congress communications were targeted for recording and inspection. This points to obvious blackmail of public officials. All we got from Omit Your News Corp was "call logs" and "meta data". And Risen? Nowhere, man.

Support from Cindy Sheehan

I'm guessing the 'factionalized' in the article's title ('The Deep State Factionalized') is a typo, but maybe not:

Play on words

Play on words

It's the correct word

It just isn't used very often.

Definition: A literary work or film that is a mix of fact and fiction.

"The Lone Gladio" Reviewed by James Corbett

So where does Alec Station fit into the Gladio model?

Alfreda Bikowsky resembles the fictional characters found in The Lone Gladio. BFP covered the obstruction that took place at Alec Station in the lead up to 9/11. Based on my research I got the sense that the orders to back off al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar came from the White House to Tenet. These orders spanned the Clinton and Bush administrations. Presumably anyone who gets elected President is on board with the Gladio plan.

Anyone who has followed the story of Alec Station and 9/11 cannot fail to notice the unbelievably awful mainstream media coverage. For example recent articles about Bikowsky gloss over her withholding of intelligence. In their articles Jane Mayer and Matthew Cole suggest that somehow Bikowsky and Michael Casey conspired between themselves to keep the FBI out of the loop. There is no mention of the fact that she reported to Wilshire and Blee.

Richard Clarke and Ali Soufan have both pointed to Alec Station obstruction as a key aspect of why 9/11 went forward. Yet they have nothing to say about the same sort of obstruction that took place at the FBI Bin Laden unit. Like Blee the public knows almost nothing about UBLU chief Rod Middleton. IOS Dina Corsi was a key player in the FBI side obstruction. Like Bikowsky she has been repeatedly promoted since 9/11.

I agree

We could also ask, where doesn't it fit. There is compartmentalization and cover-up and misdirection from the top down.

I was just listening to that interview BFP did with the Secrecy Kills guys and thinking it was too bad Sibel wasn't talking about Gladio Plan B by name yet. I think the interview was just before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it was that December 2 (2011) that Sibel started talking about Gladio Plan B to Corbett.

I think I'll inquire about that timing with Sibel.