Installation of a fiber optic network initiated in June 2001 in the WTC complex

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In June 2001, a contract was signed between the Port Authority of New York (still owner of the WTC but not for long) and the company EurekaGGN, through its subsidiary BRAM, to build a new communication network made of optical fibers in the twin towers from the basement to the 110TH floor.

The works were sufficiently rapids compared to the size of the buildings.
They were to be completed in the fall for WTC1 and on the 12/31 for the WTC2.
There is no doubt that these works were well advanced during the months of July and August 2001.

This first source announces the contract on 6/6/2001 :

EurekaGGN, a full-service integrated communications provider,
announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Building Riser Access Management, or BRAM, will install an advanced fiber-optic and telecommunications infrastructure at the World Trade Center. The selection was made by New York Telecom Partners, a subsidiary of Concourse Communications Group, LLC. as part of a transaction with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the World Trade Center's current owner.
Through this undertaking, BRAM will provide a telecommunications infrastructure that will enable the more than 450 commercial tenants of the World Trade Center to have exceptional access to virtually unlimited broadband communications services.
BRAM's Paytas estimates that Tower One alone, once the conduits or tube systems are in place, could house approximately 750 miles of fiber lines.
Tower Two's wiring is expected to be completed by Dec. 31.

This second source of 6/18/2001 provides more detail on the equipment to be used:

In particular we learn that the optical fibers used will be those of the Japanese company Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corporation, which allows for quick installation:

Sumitomo's FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber (ABF) is an innovative fiber-optic cabling system that uses either compressed air or dry nitrogen to carry small, lightweight, bundled multi-fiber cables into previously installed tubes. These compact tubes replace the conduits used in conventional cabling systems.
With the blowing technique, new fiber can then be installed in minutes. In contrast, using traditional technology, it normally takes days or weeks to fish a cable up through cluttered conduits in risers. At the World Trade Center, fiber will be air-blown from the 110th floor to the basement in less than 10 minutes.

And Joe Gillette, president of EurakaGGN was very optimistic and saw the facility ready for the end of summer:

"Once the cable installation is complete later this summer, we will be able to deliver network and communications services within days - an amazing capability through the use of this air-blown fiber process."

But on July 31, the third source less optimistic fixed the end of works for the WTC1 at the fall:

Tower One will house up to 750 miles of fiber lines. Wiring in Tower One is expected to be completed by the fall. Tower Two will be completed by December.

And it does not fail to remind us that little detail:

The 99-year lease on the World Trade Center recently was purchased for $3.22 billion by a joint venture between Silverstein Properties Inc., New York, and Westlake America Inc., Los Angeles. The seller was the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Larry Silverstein acquired towers on 7/24/2001.
Personally, I find curious that the Port Authority sought to rewire the entire 2 rounds during the sale thereof.

Finally, the source of the 8/8/2001 tells us that EurekaGGN just benefited from an increase in capital of $ 20 million thanks to generous investors:

EurekaGGN, a full-service integrated communications provider, announced it has received $20 million in additional equity financing, fully funding the company to profitability and facilitating continued growth in its target markets of New York and Los Angeles.
New investor Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund IV completed the financing round, which also included follow on investments from Spectrum Equity Investors, Lazard Technology Partners, LLR Equity Partners and Mellon Ventures. In connection with the financing, EurekaGGN acquired the New York assets of Wired Environments, a building-centric Internet service provider whose primary investor was Apollo.

We also learn that the contract with the Port Authority is really about the complete renovation of wiring of all six buildings in the complex (I guess the 7th which was not affected was the WTC7):

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey tapped EurekaGGN to wire the World Trade Center, a multi-building project that will ultimately revolutionize the networking infrastructure for the entire six-building office complex

The fact remains that we can reasonably think that on 9/11/2001, the works were well advanced in the 2 towers.
And indeed, this source of 9/14/2001, so after the attacks, makes us a point:

We learn that a progress meeting had to be held on 9/11/2001 on the 22nd floor of WTC 1.
Leo Paytas, CEO of BRAM, lucky man, had to speak at 9:00 am but was 10 minutes late which it saved his life.
He had to announce that the wiring of the Tower One was almost done.

I did complementary research about the « Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund IV » who invested $20 millions in capital of EurekaGGN on August 2001

Here is the wiki-description of the fund created by « Apollo Global Management »:

And those of their founders :
- Drexel Burnham Lambert :
- Leon Black

And in fact, I found that Kevin Ryan mention this society in his for other reasons :

Later, in May 2002, Hauer was appointed as Acting Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness, thereby becoming a member of the Bush Administration.
In December 2004, Hauer presented with military and Homeland Security representatives at the National Press Club in something called The BioDefense Briefing Series.
Also there was George Lowell, Chief Scientific Officer at ID Biomedical Corporation. ID Biomedical, now a subsidiary of Glaxo Smith Kline, is manufacturing the H1N1 vaccine.
Some have reported that the US military is preparing to deploy troops in support of nationwide vaccination for H1N1.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Management, called CEVA Logistics, has been contracted to ship the bulk vaccine to processing facilities under lock and seal.
Apollo Management was founded by Leon Black, who is now on the PANYNJ Port Security Task Force, and company principals have included Jeffrey Benjamin of WTC tenants Bankers Trust and Exco Resources, Henry Silverman of Cendant and the PANYNJ, and A.B Krongard’s wife, Cheryl Gordon Krongard.

It seems that Kevin Ryan, and even so the conventional truth movment, never mentioned anything about the work on the fiber optic network in the WTC.
Even as they show that it was really possible to work on the entire tower in contrast to work on strengthening only some floors that are routinely mentioned?

This informations about the contract EurekaGGN are available from the outset.
Why nobody actually never mention them, even in the US?
I try to disseminate information as I can by posting here (I also post in the same time on other forums).

Ironically, I was looking at Apollo last week

Ironically, I was looking at Apollo last week.
Apollo owns Sprouts Farmers Market. An employee told me that his wife was investigating the CFO because of some odd "goings-on". She is well versed in financials. Evidently, Apollo may seem to extract wealth and run a company into the ground.

Some interesting history according to Wikipedia.

One tidbit is a deal they did with The Carlyle Group.

Leon Black
The guy must be loaded. Paid $120 Million for one piece of art, and some huge amounts for others.
His Dad had Chiquita (United Brands). Some odd history there. Even possibly some drug smuggling and no-telling-what.

He purchased Munch's "The Scream" in pastel


Notice that this fact doesn'

Notice that this fact doesn' t establish, for the moment, a direct link with a demolition planning.

However, we need to remember 2 particularities which deserve to be brought to the attention of all.

1) the scope of works regarding the entire tricks
2) the proximity in time extremely closely with the event of the 9/11

In my article I do not suppose that these companies were involved even if I think so and if every readers could imagine that.

But even if these companies were not involved, they have the capacity to tell us if the towers were prepared or not because they worked in every corners of the tower, and specially the BRAM company which did the work, just before the attack.
One can hardly believe they have noticed nothing or then the towers were definitely not prepared.
This fact show us that the testimony of these companies, in particular and more than any other, are essential for a survey.

Another argument which justify to diffuse overall this information is the fact that it shows the possibility to do such works.
Debunkers often say it is impossible to carry out such work without somebody sees them, if one had to prepare the towers.
But this fact shows us exactly that some companies have completed work of such a scale and, breathtaking coincidence, just before the attacks ...


"In my article I do not suppose that these companies were involved even if I think so and if every readers could imagine that." That is the way it should be. If a reader is suspicious, or the writer as well, that would be called thinking and that is what we are not allowed to do. I tire of everyone questioning my, our, thinking. I don't claim to know everything but if I have an idea it is grounded and while it may be wrong it deserves consideration.

I was casting around for something to buoy up my French reading skills and figured I would read Papillon . Having seen the movie, I figured that the racy swashbuckling elements of the story would hold my interest and move the project along and it did. The book is entirely different than the movie, being much more complex with many more plot twists and escapes.

As I read the book, even though in a second language, I was able to figure out that the story was all B.S. Figuring something out logically like that while struggling with a second language, I think points out to some pretty sound reasoning skills. But we are not allowed to have or credited with sound thinking or judgement. After I finished the book I researched my conclusions, because that is what we do, and found that I was correct. There was a Papillon but the story was ten different people's stories. It was all embellished. I worked out my thoughts about the story internally, within the story itself without a reader's guide or any external support. That is what the first 9/11 researchers did. They worked out the details internally within the illogical framework of the story itself, spotting internal discrepancies, and not allowing their doubts to be torpedoed by faith in the system or lack of faith in themselves as I and many other's experienced. It is called thinking.