The 1993 WTC Bombing Damage Myth

The 1993 WTC Bombing Damage Myth

It is often said that the 1993 WTC bombing was under the north tower and threatened to take the tower down. This is a myth.

The fact is that the bomb was in the parking garage under the Vista Hotel (WTC3) and did only superficial damage to the tower structure.

Popular Mechanics (July 1993) shows a diagram of the damage, which was outside the footprint of the North tower.

As you can see, the bomb damaged the refrigeration plant on the B5 level, which was outside the perimeter wall of the North tower.

Take a look at the strength of the tower during construction. How could this small bomb affect its overall integrity?

How I “make” some photos. And embed them on 911blogger.

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Here is how I “make” some photos which could be part of a pdf document, or Google-books, or which are part of some slideshow without an independent link to the photo. These type of photos do not embed. They need an independent link as a photo (e.g. jpeg). [So, to embed a photo, look for http://_____.jpeg or a web address with some type of picture ending such as .png or .gif.]

I take a screenshot of the document on my computer. (Press the PrtSc button next to the F12 button)

I then paste it onto a new blank slide of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Then I crop the imprint to just contain the photo. After cropping, I right-click to get a menu. From that menu, I choose “Save as picture”. (I often choose the .jpeg format during the “save”).

PowerPoint also allows me to easily write a message on the photo, and/or make a slide with messages and several pics. Selected, adjoining parts of the slide can be “Saved as a picture”. Often, I will use a rectangle shape as a "background" in order to adjoin parts into a whole (which makes it easier to "select").

Once I have the new picture on my computer, I upload it to our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Meetup” website photo album. It provides a viable, independent link to the photo itself.
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If I wanted to embed this photo from our Meetup website, I would do the following…
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There are other ways to embed photos using HTML. This is what I do.
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Until I read this article, I "believed" the Myth

I did not realize that the bomb went off outside the perimeter of the North Tower.
Previously, I had the impression that the bomb went off directly under the Tower and compromised its integrity.
Geez! So many fraudulent impressions perpetrated by mainstream news! ...and it seems to be getting worse as this decade passes.

Vehicle Entry

If you study the blueprints of the loading dock area or the Customs Service parking arrangements you'll see that you cannot get a vehicle under the footprint of the towers. If you want to bring the tower down you have to walk in and place charges on the columns.

Loading dock plan--

Can you see any way to get within the footprint?

The myth feeds the notion that this can be done on the spur of the moment, catch security off guard, in and out quickly. NONSENSE!

The destruction of the towers on 9/11 was accomplished from inside, over a long period of time, with assistance from key players who controlled the security of the entries. After 1993, security was enhanced so only authorized persons could drive into the parking areas.

The loading dock ramp was under the NE corner of WTC7. All drivers were required to stop and check with a guard there before they could continue.

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

The FBI informant sting exposing his handler's replacement of the fake materiel with the real, then presenting a compromised central core structure of the towers , was always a hard sell. This detail clears it up. Thanks for that.
Every time I see a popular mechanics rag makes me feel sick.