In Search of Condi Rice Interview Video

I've been trying to locate a video of Tony Snow's 9/23/2001 Fox News Sunday program in which he interviewed Condi Rice among others. I have seen this video before - maybe embedded in some documentary - but now it seems to have been expunged from the Internet. Any help in tracking this down would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for the the video that goes with this transcript:

SNOW: On September 11, there's a report that there was a coded message that said we're going to strike Air Force One. It was using specific coded language and it made an credible threat. Is that true?

RICE: That is true.

SNOW: So we have a mole somewhere?

RICE: It's not clear how this coded name was gotten. Now, we're a very open society. And I don't think it's any surprise to anyone that leaks happen. So I don't know. It's possible the code name leaked a long time ago and was just used.

SNOW: How on earth would that happen?

RICE: I don't know. I don't know. We're obviously looking very hard at the situation. But I will tell you that it was plenty of evidence from our point of view to have special measures taken at that moment to make certain the president was safe.

I have dug through every archive I could find, but nada. Any assistance would be most welcome!

"Angel is Next"

Bush was deliberately not protected in FL... and then deliberately threatened by insiders who knew the code for A.F. 1. The threat was by an 'anonymous caller to the White House.' Dick Cheney relayed the message to Bush from the PEOC. a reported threat to "Angel"-the code word for Air Force One-was widely disseminated in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) and aboard Air Force One.

Dick Cheney is tracking the remote-controlled plane that attacked the Pentagon and issuing orders. The computer-controlled plane is not intercepted. Dick Cheney issues the threat to Bush from the PEOC with coded-message. (I guess Bin Laden wanted to alert the White House of its intentions?) Dick Cheney scheduled the 9/11 war games likely. Dick Cheney lied to the Commission about his actions and whereabouts that day.

I tried......

I poked around for you but came up short. On the outside chance that you missed Fox's archive I will link to it. It may be, as you say, embedded not in a commemorative video but as a "flash back" in a news story as in: "here is you on such and such a date, how to you feel about what you said then?" That sort of thing.

fox archive

Good suggestion, Peter. I'll look around for any "flash back" vids. Thanks for searching.