How Did This 9/11 Truth Art Make It Into The Museum? Nov 19, 2014

How Did This 9/11 Truth Art Make It Into The Museum?

Published on Nov 19, 2014

The National September 11th Memorial and Museum is a shrine to the official narrative, so why did they want Anthony Freda's 9/11 Truth Art?

Anthony Freda's 9/11 Truth Art for Museum

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"Anthony Freda Studio at Ground Zero for the official meeting with the curators of the museum to acquire his art work entitled "Questions". To be used in Behind Truth Art, the upcoming film by John Massaria"


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Nearly Half of All Americans Believe “The Federal Government Poses An Immediate Threat To The Rights And Freedoms Of Ordinary Citizens” - Washington's Blog 10-14-2010

Will the art ever be hung up

Will the art ever be hung up publicly?Who's to say it won't be used as an teaching tool for visitors about "twoofers" and other "non violent extremists". I'm happy for the artist, and really like the work, but that museum has a billion miles to go to earn any shred of credibility from me.

NYPD Museum 9/11 Exhibit

Great news! And don't forget that actual smoking gun evidence disproving the official fraud exists inside the NYPD Museum. The exhibit shows molten concrete which has an even higher melting point than steel. It's not in a hangar somewhere -- it's on public display in a museum! And not just any museum, but a police museum.

 photo c95a222b-d7ed-4852-b53d-899f86961b83_zpsd1034179.png

From the plaque on the wall: "... During recovery efforts, several handguns were found at Ground Zero, including these two cylindrical gun-casing remains and a revolver embedded in concrete. Fire temperatures were so intense that concrete melted like lava around anything in its path."

The melting point of concrete varies between 1800-2500°C (3272-4532°F)

*The curator for the museum was contacted a while back and admits that this is molten concrete.


Excellent resource, jk. You can even read the sign on the wall for yourself. It boggles my mind how this evidence can be on public display essentially proving that fire was not the culprit. And how NYPD can turn a blind eye!

Do you happen to know if this display is still at the NYPD museum? Or if it's been taken down or transferred to the new 9/11 museum. In 2011 several of us volunteers at A/E struck up a dialogue with the museum's curator. He seemed receptive and eager to look into the matter but the communication abruptly stopped. I trying to do an article on it. I wish someone from A/E would get an on-camera interview standing in front of the exhibit.

Contact form:

Join me in politely asking the staff to explain the molten steel / concrete.

Julie Bose
Executive Director

Veronica Willis
Deputy Director

What Is It?

Ask them what it's composed of.

I asked Bart Voorsanger about the analysis. He said they never tested it.

Why? "They were concerned that it might contain human remains."

I don't understand why only a small number of connected people have access to these artifacts and why no independent studies have been conducted.

Really? 9/11 Truth Art Accepted by Museum at Ground Zero

Prominent Illustrator's Work Now in Permanent Collection

Anthony Freda — who has contributed provocative political art to publications like The New York Times, Time, Rolling Stone, Esquire, The New Yorker, and Playboy — says he has no idea why the museum would accept his painting, titled "9-11 Questions."

I know right?!

That story has been out a little bit now. The museum owns it now, but whether or not they will display it is another thing. Although even this is pretty milquetoast in many ways. No building 7, ambiguous references to thermite, false flag, and the inaccurate phrase "tower free falls", Might be why they picked this particular painting, who knows.


History Made for Truth Seekers

911 Museum Donation "Questions" Preview Behind Truth Art

History Made for Truth Seekers: 911 Museum Donation "Questions" Preview Behind Truth Art
911 Museum Donation accepted BUT may never show the art work, and now want the film footage hidden WHY?

Freda left his own comment

In the comment thread that follows the Newsweek article is one posted by Anthony Freda himself:

'Our government lied to us about The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the pretexts that took us to war with Iraq. Millions needlessly died as a result of these lies. They said that they are not spying on innocent Americans, they lied about the death of Pat Tilman, and the Jessica Lynch affair, and numerous other important issues. They lie about why they send your kids to die. I'm not your enemy. I want you to live with freedom and prosperity. The ruling class cares nothing for you. They destroy your rights , spy on you illegally, and are building a hi tech panopticon prison grid to track, monitor and analyze your every move.'