9/11 FORETOLD - A New Film with a Fresh Perspective

Hello everyone. Many thanks to Justin Keogh and the 911 Blogger team for graciously allowing me to introduce myself and my new film.

My name is Richard and I’m an independent researcher/investigator of 9-11 related topics. Like most of you on this site, I am searching for the truth behind September 11, 2001.

Opinions differ as to what actually transpired that day. People have their suspicions, but we may never know who perpetuated this crime, or why. However, I AM certain we were all told that 9/11 would happen long BEFORE the event; the evidence is overwhelming and available for anyone to see.

I’m the creator of a film called 9/11 FORETOLD. This film examines the messages embedded in the Mass Media leading up to that fateful day. This is the first full-length documentary to explore these topics. This film is not just another documentary about 9/11, nor is it a “conspiracy theory,” but attempts something much more provocative.

If you’re not familiar with the $20 US Bill revealing the attack on the Twin Towers when folded in the shape of a plane/pentagon, go here http://911foretold.com/20-bill
Remember how you felt when you first saw that image? That will pale in comparison to the revelations of 9/11 FORETOLD!

My film exposes 100s of premonitions from 18 Categories of Media revealing secret messages forewarning of 9/11. The reason for these documented facts is still a mystery. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Deduction? Foreknowledge? All 4 of these possibilities will be explored, and it will be up to you, the viewer, to determine the answer.

Most people hosting similar topics on YouTube had their videos removed and accounts deleted by YouTube. As unjust as censorship is, you should also know the topic of forewarning is non-existent in the Mainstream Media; that is WHY I am making this film. But unlike the rare YouTube videos on this topic, this film will connect the dots and make the mystery clear.

I am very passionate about this film because of my desire to share the truths I have found; the fascinating discoveries will astound viewers around the World. There is a wealth of knowledge for all members of 911Blogger.com to add to their own research.

Whether the facts presented in this movie are just a coincidence, or proof of foreknowledge, this film will open up your mind to a hidden world you never knew existed.

I am making this film for the public’s benefit, not mine. The film is currently in the early stages of production; when completed it will be released as follows.

To make the film’s message available to the public and as far reaching as possible, I will forgo an elaborate red carpet film festival premiere. Instead, I will launch a FREE worldwide on-line premier of 9/11 FORETOLD in HD (for 9 days and 11 hours). After the premier, anyone may hold a PRIVATE screening of this film at any time, at NO charge...unlike other movies.

Please visit my website at http://911foretold.com to learn more about this film. If you’re interested, please spread the word and tell your friends about this important project. Thank you.

In Truth,
Richard Anthony Graves

Ultimate 9/11 Predictive Programming SlideShow

Ultimate 9/11 Predictive Programming SlideShow


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Yes, this is one of my favorite blogs on this site. Amazing that there were 7 films being shot about the 9/11 events before 9/11 took place. Seems like they were throwing all this stuff at us so much in the years leading up to Sept.11.

Richard Anthony Graves

Richard Anthony Graves

Awarded high honors with a college degree in the Music and Video Business, Richard felt drawn to create a video on a topic for which he feels passionate about. He's been researching 9/11 topics since 2001, and is compelled to share what he found with the world! It is his hope to reverse the silence which has been imposed on this subject.

Talented in many fields, Rich was a recording engineer, musical composer, and professional musician. As a hobbyist he performs close-up magic and studies the works of illusionists known throughout history. He has performed in-depth research into law, philosophy, religion, and history. His talents will enrich this film.

...Along with others involved in the project.

About the Movie (from YouTube)

A movie the Mass Media doesn’t want you to see!

This captivating, feature-length, documentary film examines, in detail, the mystery of “coincidences” leading to the event on September 11, 2001. It explores the Mass Media prior to, and leading up to, that fateful day. It will weave together a tapestry of movies, T.V. series, cartoons, commercials, books, comics, games, music albums, magazines, advertising, brochures, publications, posters, paintings, novelty items, and even U.S. Currency, to reveal secret messages that foretell 9/11 years before it happened.

This will be the first full-length documentary of its kind to explore these topics. This film is not just another documentary about 9/11, nor is it a “conspiracy theory,” but attempts something much more ambitious and provocative.

It will reveal not only how the media foreshadowed the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon , but foreshadow the same details as well (i.e., "terrorists" would be involved; planes would be the weapons; the Twin Towers would collapse while the Pentagon would be damaged; this event would be referred to as "9-11"; the destruction of the WTC would be called "Ground Zero"; and more).

As unbelievable as it sounds, these facts are undeniable. However, the "reason" for these facts are still a mystery. Is it because of coincidence, synchronicity, deduction or foreknowledge? Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain. This film will be visually stunning, have intense music, compelling narration, thought-provoking messages, and will hold your interest throughout.

Whether or not you believe the official story of 9/11, you’ll find this documentary invaluable. Whether the facts presented in this movie are just a coincidence, or proof of foreknowledge, this film will open up your mind to a hidden world you never knew existed.

9/11 Foretold is also a platform for discussion about these issues and the events surrounding September 11, 2001.

Good Job !

The trailer had awesome graphics ! Very well done. I can't wait to see it .


Thanks Wisdom. It took me about a month to finish this trailer. I tried to express the feel of what the final film will be like.