Tony Szamboti : On NIST's 9/11 Sins of Omission

Tony Szamboti Interview

Interview published 29 November 2014

MP3 and Link to Show Notes:

For this important interview we welcome Tony Szamboti, mechanical engineer and 9/11 researcher, who joins us for a detailed discussion on crucial evidence that, in the words of his research group, "clearly demonstrate(s) that the reports produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) were unscientific and fraudulent."

With the group's recently-published white paper as our focus, "Areas of Specific Concern in the NIST WTC Reports" which lists 25 Points seriously challenging NIST's work in this area, we discuss striking new evidence demonstrating that NIST intentionally omitted significant structural components from its analysis of Building 7, and explore the almost inescapable conclusion that this was done in order to avoid the explanation of controlled demolition. We also discuss the potential these findings might have for legal action.

(Tony Szamboti is a U.S. Navy Veteran, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University, and has worked predominantly in the Aerospace industry for the last 28 years.)

People need to hear this!! Silverstein

Listen to around the 6 minute mark, and you will know what I am talking about.

See this comment on 911blogger in 2007

History's Business Season 2, Episode 5

I found it! Tony, could you be mistaken on the date? This is Sept. 8, 2002. History Channel.

Now, if we can figure out how to obtain or listen to this episode. You can't watch it or buy it on Amazon, but all the other History's Business episodes are accounted for in 2003 and 2004 and this is the only one that has Silverstein. So around the same time frame that he did the PBS interview.

No, Bob, it was after December 2003

as the reason for it was to discuss and show the new Freedom Tower design (One World Trade Center now) which had been unveiled in December 2003, after a several month design competition.

The two things I remember distinctly was the new building design as it was the first time I saw it, and Larry Silverstein's reply in response to a question by the host of "What happened to seven?", as prior to that I was perplexed as to why building 7 had completely collapsed.

Larry Silverstein apparently had been on an earlier episode of the same show (History's Business) in September 2002. Bill Veale did get ahold of a tape of that episode and nothing was said there about the new Freedom Tower design or what I am saying was said about building 7, so that is not the episode I am talking about.

Two years later, after reading Steven Jones' paper and seeing that they were saying officially that WTC 7 came down due to fires, I did call the History Channel and try to get ahold of a copy of the show. I was told that series wasn't available to the public. A number of people have tried to inquire about it after I mentioned it and they have gotten nowhere. One person had gotten ahold of a producer of the show and then was sent an e-mail by an attorney saying to cease and desist about it unless they had a subpoena. Interestingly, when you look at the list for the History's Business episodes over the years a lot of them are missing.

I just called HIST Channel

and the series is not available on DVD for purchase. I pressed the rep for a way to get a download and he directed me here:

You're right, a lot of the episodes are missing even from imdb. Somehow we need to get a subpoena for accessing the episode. This is ridiculous. HIST Channel eagerly sells everything else except this particular series, which isn't available even as a download. Or else find a fan of the show who has recorded it.

This is frustrating.

I also tried

A few days ago I also visited the site (as suggest to you by the History Channel rep) and I saw that podcasts for some episodes of 'History's Business' from 2004 were listed there. I clicked on some of the links to the podcasts, but none of them worked. There was an instruction there saying that if a link didn't work, then to please inform, so I did, and received this reply:

"Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately it appears that this podcast is no longer available. However all is not lost, I recommend contacting the History Channel directly here to see if you can get the older audio directly from them"

So you contacted The History Channel and they sent you to, and I contacted and they sent me to the History Channel. We're going round in circles no doubt.

And since writing to I can no longer find the list of 'History's Business' episodes that were there a few days ago. I'm presuming they removed them after I informed them that none of the links worked.

About 6 months back, kawika asked...

See this topic thread
kawika: ... focused upon 2003 and 2004....

bob the moo: History's Business on IMDb now has 30 episodes instead of just one, and shows seasons 1-11 instead of just season 10.
I submitted approximately 60-70 episodes and I guess they will gradually be added (these 30 have bled in over the last few days).

You can go from this page (which will show 1 episode in season 11 when you click it) and then change the drop down by year/season.

Please remember that more episodes will be added as my submissions go through - but if you are a fan of the show then please do consider adding any information you can pick up too....I got lucky to find 2 online resources which, pieced together, gave me enough to get titles and dates - I will confess the season structure is probably not 100% perfect, but it should be mostly right and is better than the 1 episode that was there this time last week.

It is a winning bet that Kawika was the impetus to get the folks at IMDB to expand their list of shows from near nothing to
what you see... i.e.

It would be great if someone else jumped in on that message board ( ) and encouraged some more episodes to be placed on IMDB for the year 2004.

As someone stated: "obtaining the HC Silverstein interview, we could give Mr. Szamboti quite the Christmas gift."

Look at this 5 minute clip!

Rob found this.
I am guessing that this is an excerpt. Is it?

If so, (or just in case), can someone download it to their computer?

Tom, that is much more recent

as the One World Trade Center is built and in the History's Business show from 2004 it was only an artist's rendition shown and Larry Silverstein was being interviewed by the host of the show.

The normal host of the show was Sander Vanocur, but there were guest hosts quite often, and the host in the show I am talking about was a guest host. It was an older man in his early 70's. I did not know who he was and have not been able to find out.

Thanks Tony

Dog Gone! I got a little excited there for awhile.

(Man! You start early!)

Larry Silverstein/History's Business: Chronology 2001 - 2015

After making and uploading this video. . .

. . . which includes the bit from this interview where Tony Szamboti recalls hearing Larry Silverstein say WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, I then saw this thread in here, from early 2008 . .

. . in that thread, I noticed a post by Tony Szamboti where he says that the episode of 'History's Business' where Larry Silverstein said WTC 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition was from 2002, whereas in this recent interview he says that the episode in question was from 2004. So I was a little unsure about why there was this difference in Tony's account. And knowing that if this was picked up by some "debunker" it might be used to try and discredit both Tony (saying he'd changed his story, etc) and my video, I thought I'd write to Tony and ask him about this, so I did, and Tony replied, clarifying everything very nicely. Below are the three emails I got from him during our correspondence, and I'm sharing them here, for the record, so that others can get a correct understanding of everything.


First email: 01.28.15

You need to hear the full chronology:

- I was perplexed about the collapse of Building 7 after hearing about it on the ride home from work on Sept. 11, 2001.

- I saw Larry Silverstein on History's Business say "Building 7 was a controlled demolition" and thought that explained it. I was not suspicious that anything was wrong. On that show they had talked about the new "Freedom Tower" design that had won the competition and showed an artist's rendition of the 1776 foot tall tower.

- I read Steven Jones' paper in early 2006 and only then asked myself when there would have been a chance to set the charges and realized something was wrong.

- I looked on the Internet and the official reason being given in early 2006 for Building 7's collapse was fire. I then knew I may have seen something that was later changed and called the History Channel asking to purchase a copy of the show without saying why I wanted it. I was told the series was not available to the public.

- I mentioned it to people in the background, asking if there were any archive services that might have the episode. I did not post publicly about it, not
wanting to alert people who might want to hide the episode.

- Finally, I decided to mention it publicly on 911 Blogger and on the Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice forum hoping to enlist more people in the search for it. Someone found a mention of a Sept. 2002 appearance by Larry Silverstein on the History's Business show on a website called Couchville.

- In 2008 or so, after I had first mentioned it publicly, Bill Veale was able to get a copy of the Sept. 2002 episode of History's Business and it did not include any discussion of the new "Freedom Tower", so it became apparent that it was not the episode I had seen. I then looked up when the "Freedom Tower" competition had occurred and when the winning design was unveiled. It was December 2003. So it seems the episode I saw occurred sometime during or after December 2003. I did not know that when first posting about it on 911 Blogger and the Scholars forum and had thought it maybe was the 2002 show after someone found that listing.

Your video is fine and is only telling the truth. I saw Larry Silverstein say on a History's Business episode "Building 7 was a controlled demolition". That is a reality and I have said it publicly many times now. The History Channel is not cooperating other than to give Bill Veale the Sept. 2002 episode, which did not include the "Freedom Tower" design discussion and artist's rendition, so it can't be the show I saw.

Tony Szamboti


Second email: 01.28.15

I did not bring up the "Freedom Tower" discussion until after Bill Veale got the Sept. 2002 episode and told me Larry Silverstein didn't say anything about Building 7 being a controlled demolition in that show. It was only then that I asked if it mentioned these other things to see if it was the same show. As I said, it apparently wasn't and only after seeing the "Freedom Tower" design competition selection occurred in December 2003 did I realize the show I had seen had to have been after that. It was basically an assumption at first that it was the Sept. 2002 show, after someone had found a listing for it and before Bill got a copy of it. Apparently, Larry Silverstein was on History's Business more than once. His appearance on the episode I saw was likely in response to the results of the design competition and the unveiling of the new "Freedom Tower" design. The appearance on the Sept. 2002 episode was likely about the first anniversary of 911 and did not include the discussion of the new building design and its artist's rendition as that hadn't happened yet.

Tony Szamboti


Third email: 01.29.15

Larry Silverstein certainly said what I am saying. There is nothing being made up about it. As I said on Julian Charles' show, it doesn't behoove me to make something like this up. It is the last thing I would do as it does not help me in any way and I certainly would not want to be sending people on a wild goose chase. The reason I remember it fairly well is that I was perplexed about the collapse of Building 7 and his comment settled it with what I thought at the time was a legitimate explanation. Of course, once I read Steven Jones' paper a couple of years later, the light went on that there was a problem and that is what caused me to start looking into it.

If you remember, there was another sort of admission in 2010, with what journalist Jeffrey Shapiro said about Larry Silverstein having been on the phone with his insurers asking for permission to demolish Building 7.

You can quote me on this and what we have discussed here. I wouldn't have any time for horses asses who would disingenuously try to demean me by saying I was changing my story. It is clear why I at first thought it was 2002 when someone found that Silverstein had appeared on a show at that time. I didn't remember the exact year by 2006, when I realized there was a problem, only what he said, because I thought it had settled a significant dilemma I had. There was no reason to think he was on there more than once. It was only after getting that 2002 episode and not having the comment in there that we scrutinized it with other things and realized that it was another show. Everything fits as the "Freedom Tower" design was not unveiled until December 2003 and it couldn't have been talked about or an artist's rendition of it shown in Sept. 2002.

I have wondered to myself if they could have edited it, but that might not be so easy if they have to worry about it somehow being out there in the public with recording devices having been available at the time. I also wonder if they got rid of it and that is why the listings for the History's Business episodes are so scattered and incomplete.

Tony Szamboti.


Reward Time?

Regarding the History's Business episode with Larry Sliverstein in which he revealed that WTC 7 was demolished, how can we obtain this? I preferred a low-key approach, but unfortunately it's not out there on the web. HIST channel has suppressed it completely. It's not available as a download or podcast anywhere, and it's not for sale as a DVD anywhere -- nor on any archive. You can't even find a listing of the episodes. How's that for suppression? People have been actively searching for it since at least 2007 --- 7 years now.

Is it time to go public with a reward in order to try and find someone who has possibly recorded it? It's either that or a subpoena. I offered a finders fee on imdb, but I think AE911Truth should do a story and a Facebook update offering a $1,000 or $5,000 reward for anyone who can produce this particular episode. The promotion should feature Tony Szamboti as an eyewitness to the comment:

"Building 7 was a controlled demolition for safety reasons." Larry Silverstein, History's Business.

For even if the show is not forthcoming this story backed by credible eyewitnesses needs to be widely known.

Agreed and on the approach.

Surely you've posted the request here:

And it wouldn't hurt if others did as well. This episode is worth the effort.

Reward for Elusive History's Business Episode

I'm willing to contribute $1000 to the reward.

If you're going to go the reward route

you should stipulate that the History's Business episode must specifically include Larry Silverstein's comment about the controlled demotion of WTC 7.

Just an off the cuff idea...

Just throwing this out there.
Perhaps one approach (among many) might be to post on Craigs List (or other places), a Want Ad.

There are many collectors out there. People who collect all kinds of things. I once sold a series of (estate Attic junk) old Oklahoma license plates to a collector in Virginia.
Currently, we are seeing TV shows like Pawn Stars ( ) gaining popularity.
Often, there are news articles about a "piece of junk" found in the attic or estate sale as being worth thousands of dollars.
So, now many people are more in tune to holding onto old stuff.
Many people collect old magazines.
Years ago, I once ran into a lady who had recorded on VHS a variety of the different news networks (on different TVs around the house) the news reports on 9/11/01. She had kept reloading recording tapes all day. I wish that I had gotten her phone number.

Who knows? Maybe someone did a VHS or digital recording of the episodes, especially someone who admired Business attributes.

It's a good idea for sure...

...what I fear is that nobody will react because of fear of repercussions. Look at Platos' story, the PTB are very rigorous about making sure that Silverstein comment never sees the light of day again. I'm pretty sure that whoever has the recording in question in his/her posession, will be tracked down by the intelligence apparatus and then...well...fill in whatever you think.

People are needed who don't fear for their lives/career/family, who place this matter above all that. This is one of THE key issues that will determine whether we will succeed or not.
Let's be frank, who doesn't succumb under the threat of your career being wiped out or your life or/and that of your family being taken out?

Not to sound negative, but this is what it will come down to when the going gets rough, when the perps are scared and feeling the heat. They've always resorted to these kinda tactics (because it's effective) and they will continue to do so, until we discover the power to overcome it.

Email from Samuel Adams

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom--go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

What would NIST say?

If we can obtain this episode - how could NIST "justify" their "findings"?

This would also raise a near terminal scenario for the officlal fairytale: If Larry Silverstein was recounting what really happened (i.e., not lying), then who authorized and paid for the rigging of WTC7 with explosives in advance (of 9/11), who were the contractors, how did they evade security, when was this work undertaken, who gave the go-ahead to take the WTC down on 9/11, and what connection is there between Silverstein's demolition of WTC7, and the destruction of WTC 1 and 2?

Controlled demolition

" 'Controlled demolition' is a common industry term suggesting that a building is not safe, and that they need to pull 'it' (fire fighters) out of a weakened, burning building." -- Popular Mechanics

Good suggestion

Yeah, it's very likely that Silverstein's admission is just laying around in someone's house on a VHS tape somewhere. Quite a thought really, Silverstein admitting controlled demolition, just sitting there gathering dust somewhere! As one person said earlier, this is indeed frustrating!

Contact Dr. William Pepper about this

Considering attorney Dr. William Pepper's recent correspondence with NIST via the Dept. of Commerce in regard to the WTC 7 report, I thought Dr. Pepper might like to know about The History Channel not releasing this particular episode. I have just sent an email to him using the address given on his website, here:

I'm thinking others here should also email him about this.

This episode of 'History's Business' definitely needs to see the light of day.

Release 9/11

New campaign as a follow-up to "Re-think 9/11".

Release 9/11

If Tony's confident, then I'm confident this tape and comments exist as described in the HC archive.

Embarrass and shame them in public.


This is a good interview.

I made a video,

combining the part of the interview where Tony talks about hearing Larry Silverstein say controlled demolition, with some footage of WTC 7. Here's the link, please share the video, mirror it if you have a You Tube channel, whatever you want. Thanks

Larry Silverstein Says WTC 7 Was A Controlled Demolition? (NOT the "Pull it" quote)

I have just had it pointed

I have just had it pointed out that I made a typo in Tony's name. How annoying! I will delete the video, correct it, and re upload it with the new link. I will start a new thread with it.

Here's the link to the corrected video

Hopefully everything is ok with it now. I also submitted this as a news item.

Well done

Nice piece of production. Well done.

Thank you, now I just need a

Thank you, now I just need a few million you tube subscribers, some of which might be into archiving bygone History Channel shows!

I felt I could improve the video

so I made a newer version, adding in some footage of the late Barry Jennings and Danny Jowenko (RIP both of them). I also searched out the names of the news reporters, witnesses, etc and included them. I've left the first version up though, as the link to it has probably been shared a few times by now. I've just directed people to the new video via a link in the old one.