Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick


Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
Published on Nov 19, 2014

The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today.

Best Ever Explanation of JFK Assassination

This very long video is quite interesting. There are a few times when the statements in it seem to go further that the evidence presented, like the allusion to the Queen's wealth being in the trillions. However, that was not true of the JFK assassination description. It was the most complete description of the all the pieces of that puzzle I've ever seen. And, the historical framework laid out here is also a real beginnings at understanding the last century. The video also poses a very hard question about whether 9/11 and Kennedy assassinations denial are not more about the American personae than anything else. If you haven't been following the developments in the JFK assassination field, this video will be an eye-opener.

The information on WWII was fascinating and despicable.

The information on WWII financing and business was fascinating and despicable. History for the masses is written by con men.


The presentation of oligarchical power networking against Russia using Hitler as proxy surely resonates right thru to Maidan/NULAND MH17 and "ISIL". Populations being 'played like Charlie.'

What to make of this?

This was a great look at the JFK murder and the context in which it took place. But some links on the website give me cause for concern.

He didn't spend much time in the film on 9/11 and what little time he did spend was very top level and he still managed to use the incorrect term of "free-fall speed" for the twin towers. For what seems to be a lot of serious research on JFK, very little seems to have been done for 9/11. Maybe due to how little time was delegated in the film for 9/11? He referenced "Loose Change: Final Cut" in the film, however, on his website he links to much maligned version 2 of the series. In fact, the website seems to promote quite adamantly the No-Plane theory. From the website we get:

"Those who wish to do so, and who want to understand what is really going on today, can further benefit their education by watching the following YouTube videos....

6. 'September Clues' by Simon Shack, the first of the Films to suggest there were no aircraft involved in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

7. 'The Ultimate 911 No-Planes convincer' by Alexander 'Ace' Baker, this gives useful further insights into how easily modern computer graphics can be used for military intelligence deception by authoritarian regimes.

8. 'Pilots For 911 Truth' this video uses the laws of Physics, by showing test-rig demonstrations, to prove that no Boeing 767 can fly at the speeds claimed in the official report at sea-level without disintegrating and that hence, every single second of Broadcast material depicting planes flying into the Twin Towers was a Computer Generated fake which all mainstream Broadcasters knew about."

It would just seem to me that someone who took this much time to research JFK, would see such blatant disinformation as "No Planes". I used the Contact Us form to make the author aware of my concerns. Hopefully, he can provide some better background research than this.

peace everyone.


Thanks dtg86. We sometimes miss these links, historically it's a very effective way to tell if someone has done their homework or not. Or wose. That list is pretty bad.


Good points, dtg86. This appears to be clever disinformation - poisoning the well. The PTB know that over time they have lost the JFK narrative to the majority of citizens, so by cleverly tying this tacit 'admission' to absurdities associated with 9/11 they hope to derail "9/11 truth". They 'win' the argument by delaying and obfuscating any consequences of the truth revealed. And it cuts both ways: the sloppiness of these 9/11 references would seem to cast doubt on the JFK research in the mind of 9/11 skeptics who may not have done much independent research on JFK on their own.

Or maybe the filmmaker is in over his head or just a fool....