The Still Missing Unambiguous Admission to the Controlled Demolition of WTC 7

This short video combines footage of the "collapse" of WTC 7 (as well as WTC 7 eyewitness statements, news reports, etc) together with Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti talking about WTC 7 and his recollection of hearing Larry Silverstein say - during a 2004 episode of 'History's Business' on the History Channel - that, quote: "Building 7 was a controlled demolition".

This is not to be confused with Larry Silverstein's controversial 2002, PBS "Pull it" quote. This is something else altogether.

Tony also speaks briefly about his unsuccessful attempts to get hold of a copy of this episode of History's Business.

Please distribute this video widely (share links, make copies etc,) to bring attention to the issue of this elusive History Channel episode, and to the controlled demolition of WTC 7.

Larry Silverstein Said WTC 7 Was a Controlled Demolition? (NOT the "Pull it" quote)

Here's the full interview, courtesy of 'The Mind Renewed', from which the excerpt in the video was taken:

The Mind Renewed: 092 : Tony Szamboti : On NIST's 9/11 Sins of Omission

Previous discussion about this issue here in 911 blogger :

I was kind of let down...

I hoped the clip had been found.

Unfortunately not

Sorry to get your hopes up! (I just re worded the thread header to avoid doing the same to anyone else). I can assure you that if I had found this missing episode I would be announcing it loud and clear. I think our only hope is to get an unedited copy from some business buff who's recorded it and still has it on VHS or something like that.

Larry Silverstein/History's Business: Chronology 2001 - 2015

After making and uploading this video, I saw this thread in here, from early 2008. . .

. . . In that thread, I noticed a post by Tony Szamboti where he says that the episode of 'History's Business' where Larry Silverstein said WTC 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition was from 2002, whereas in the recent 'mind renewed' interview, which is also featured in the video I made, he says that the episode in question was from 2004. So I was a little unsure about why there was this difference in Tony's account. And knowing that if this was picked up by some "debunker" it might be used to try and discredit both Tony (saying he'd changed his story, etc) and my video, I thought I'd write to Tony and ask him about this, so I did, and Tony replied, clarifying everything very nicely. Below are the three emails I got from him during our correspondence, and I'm sharing them here, for the record, so that others can get a correct understanding of everything.


First email: 01.28.15

You need to hear the full chronology.

- I was perplexed about the collapse of Building 7 after hearing about it on the ride home from work on Sept. 11, 2001.

- I saw Larry Silverstein on History's Business say "Building 7 was a controlled demolition" and thought that explained it. I was not suspicious that anything was wrong. On that show they had talked about the new "Freedom Tower" design that had won the competition and showed an artist's rendition of the 1776 foot tall tower.

- I read Steven Jones' paper in early 2006 and only then asked myself when there would have been a chance to set the charges and realized something was wrong.

- I looked on the Internet and the official reason being given in early 2006 for Building 7's collapse was fire. I then knew I may have seen something that was later changed and called the History Channel asking to purchase a copy of the show without saying why I wanted it. I was told the series was not available to the public.

- I mentioned it to people in the background, asking if there were any archive services that might have the episode. I did not post publicly about it, not wanting to alert people who might want to hide the episode.

- Finally, I decided to mention it publicly on 911 Blogger and on the Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice forum hoping to enlist more people in the search for it. Someone found a mention of a Sept. 2002 appearance by Larry Silverstein on the History's Business show on a website called Couchville.

- In 2008 or so, after I had first mentioned it publicly, Bill Veale was able to get a copy of the Sept. 2002 episode of History's Business and it did not include any discussion of the new "Freedom Tower", so it became apparent that it was not the episode I had seen. I then looked up when the "Freedom Tower" competition had occurred and when the winning design was unveiled. It was December 2003. So it seems the episode I saw occurred sometime during or after December 2003. I did not know that when first posting about it on 911 Blogger and the Scholars forum and had thought it maybe was the 2002 show after someone found that listing.

Your video is fine and is only telling the truth. I saw Larry Silverstein say on a History's Business episode "Building 7 was a controlled demolition". That is a reality and I have said it publicly many times now. The History Channel is not cooperating other than to give Bill Veale the Sept. 2002 episode, which did not include the "Freedom Tower" design discussion and artist's rendition, so it can't be the show I saw.

Tony Szamboti


Second email: 01.28.15

I did not bring up the "Freedom Tower" discussion until after Bill Veale got the Sept. 2002 episode and told me Larry Silverstein didn't say anything about Building 7 being a controlled demolition in that show. It was only then that I asked if it mentioned these other things to see if it was the same show. As I said, it apparently wasn't, and only after seeing the "Freedom Tower" design competition selection occurred in December 2003 did I realize the show I had seen had to have been after that. It was basically an assumption at first that it was the Sept. 2002 show, after someone had found a listing for it and before Bill got a copy of it. Apparently, Larry Silverstein was on History's Business more than once. His appearance on the episode I saw was likely in response to the results of the design competition and the unveiling of the new "Freedom Tower" design. The appearance on the Sept. 2002 episode was likely about the first anniversary of 911 and did not include the discussion of the new building design and its artist's rendition, as that hadn't happened yet.

Tony Szamboti


Third email: 01.29.15

Larry Silverstein certainly said what I am saying. There is nothing being made up about it. As I said on Julian Charles' show, it doesn't behoove me to make something like this up. It is the last thing I would do as it does not help me in any way, and I certainly would not want to be sending people on a wild goose chase. The reason I remember it fairly well is that I was perplexed about the collapse of Building 7 and his comment settled it with what I thought at the time was a legitimate explanation. Of course, once I read Steven Jones' paper a couple of years later, the light went on that there was a problem and that is what caused me to start looking into it.

If you remember, there was another sort of admission in 2010, with what journalist Jeffrey Shapiro said about Larry Silverstein having been on the phone with his insurers asking for permission to demolish Building 7.

You can quote me on this and what we have discussed here. I wouldn't have any time for horses asses who would disingenuously try to demean me by saying I was changing my story. It is clear why I at first thought it was 2002 when someone found that Silverstein had appeared on a show at that time. I didn't remember the exact year by 2006, when I realized there was a problem, only what he said, because I thought it had settled a significant dilemma I had. There was no reason to think he was on there more than once. It was only after getting that 2002 episode and not having the comment in there that we scrutinized it with other things and realized that it was another show. Everything fits as the "Freedom Tower" design was not unveiled until December 2003 and it couldn't have been talked about or an artist's rendition of it shown in Sept. 2002.

I have wondered to myself if they could have edited it, but that might not be so easy if they have to worry about it somehow being out there in the public with recording devices having been available at the time. I also wonder if they got rid of it and that is why the listings for the History's Business episodes are so scattered and incomplete.

Tony Szamboti.


Thanks for posting this. It keeps the facts straight.

Thanks for posting this. It keeps the facts straight.

The day this video comes out, will be much like the day when the BBC video with Jane Stanley came out!
Pretty exciting!
Incredibly incriminating!

AE911Truth Action Alert

Here's the action alert I wrote that just went out.


That's a really well worded piece, let's hope it works. And feel free to use the video I made, in any part of the campaign, if you feel it might be of any use.

I added an annotation in the video

directing people to a link down below which takes them through to your action alert. Let me know what you think, or of you have any other/better ideas.

Thanks, Plato

I'm impressed with your activism and dedication. I think it's come to this unfortunately. Here's what's already been tried: 1. Several hosts of the show, including current host Jeffrey Wawro, have been contact and claim that they don't know how to find any episodes! Nor can they furnish an episode listing. Former hosts and guest hosts have also been contacted -- no dice. 2. Producers for the show have been contacted. One, Ayanna Cole, is completely non-responsive. The second producer listed on wiki, Anastasia Trainer Gilder, had a lawyer send a cease and desist email to the person who contacted her demanding that they get a subpoena. 3. Closed Captioning companies were contacted who were contracted by History. They say they can't divulge any episodes due to licensing agreements and to contact the producers. 4. Full scale efforts have been made for downloads of episodes on IMDb. Some additional HB episodes have been provided but not the one we seek. Many are missing. 5. I have messaged fans of the show on Facebook and not received any responses.

It's come to all out publicity in search of someone who might have recorded the show on VHS or possibly DVD. Hopefully if the alert is also put on Facebook and picked up by other websites it will be seen by half a million or so. There's a chance we can get it. Otherwise it will have to be subpoenaed in a legal suit.

*I know Tony Szamboti is telling the truth. His integrity is top-notch.

Well, if you've taken part in all those efforts

then your dedication is greater than mine. I didn't realise that such lengths had been gone to. I was wondering, do you have any say in what goes on the Facebook page? Perhaps if my video could be posted there, somehow combined with your action alert reward offer, then the video would get shared by AE911truth Facebook followers, giving this issue more exposure. And as I've mentioned your reward offer in my video, and given the link to it beneath the video, this would in turn increase publicity for your reward offer. I appreciate the video isn't an official 'AE911truth' video, and that maybe its not so professional, in comparison to the videos AE911truth make, but it's an idea.

I saw the AE911truth

Facebook campaign poster . . "wanted, taped or archived" . . I like it . . . seems to be getting quite a lot of shares too, even in the short time it's been up.

Damn good work!

Thanks to all!

check this link here

in the archives of DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana, US) there's listed at least 1 episode:

The History Channel: History's Business, An Interview with Ted Solso from 2006.

Apparently you can ask them to get a digital copy of that episode. Possibly, they have more in stock than that episode?

Good find

It's definitely worth pursuing.

Who is 'History channel fan' ?

I see the post there of someone saying they recorded the episode and transferred it to DVD?

Worth pursuing...

I have no clue who that "History Fan" is. But I wish there was a way to get in touch with him, especially since he claims to have a recording of it. This latest effort is really getting some outreach it seems!! Thanks for all you've done and to those who are spreading your video around as well as the action alert put out by Let's keep up the effort!!

Some are trying to find out who he is in this thread too. And others are claiming to have seen it as well.

Other places for outreach: (21,883,229 likes) Welcome to the official U.S. Fan Page for HISTORY®, the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials. - Browse over 30,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos

VMS, or Video Monitoring Services of America, provided videotape copies of news clips which were a PR industry staple for decades, but the evolution of digital video made for cheaper alternatives and a rise in competition from companies like Vocus, Cision and Critical Mention, among several others, in recent years. VMS also monitored advertising content. ~ Source

Excellent work

Forget my email, you just answered my question. But one thing I notice is that this "History Fan" have posted their remark under the Sep 2002 episode, which has already been ruled out as not including this Silverstein quote. Unless this was the only place they could find to post their comment, as no other episode with Silverstein is listed at imdb.

Yeah, I saw the guy who said he's seen the episode in reddit the other day.

Thanks for all the info. Let's keep this one bubbling as long as possible


Personally I want to see the 2002 episode for myself.  It would be interesting what Larry had to say at any rate.   

Contact Info...

DePauw Libraries
11 E. Larabee Street
Greencastle, IN, 46135-0037

Circulation Phone
(765) 658-4420

Ask a Librarian Phone
(765) 658-4444

(765) 658-4445

worth to look?

Not really sure whether this can help but found this in this blog from  June 23rd, 2004, 04:28 AM:


"tonyo from WNY pointed out that the History Channel will show an interview with David Childs this Sunday, June 27 at 7PM Eastern. Here is a description from the History Channel website:

A Conversation with David Childs

Roger Mudd sits down with David Childs, lead design partner with Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, one of America's top architectural firms. Childs is in charge of designing the world's tallest--and perhaps most controversial--building, The Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site. Childs, whose career includes working on public projects like the Washington Mall, and in New York, where his modernist skyscrapers include the Time-Warner Center, reflects on the intersection of politics and architecture."


I kind "locate" this video, taking into account the testemony of Tony Szamboti, as a plausible date for the: meaning after 2004, the new freedom tower design and the History Channel. the only thing is the reported broadcast was schedulled not for the morning (such as the usual history's business broadcasting), but for the evening (7pm).


Tried to locate the possible episode for June 27, 2004, sunday on imdb


but the episodes there jump directly from 30 may 2004 to 10 july 2004.


I imagine the episode would have been part of this clip from History channel


probably Tony can remember it partially?


I've been trying to find old blogs, such as this one:


where people tracked every news relating to the new freedom tower up to a daily basis. Not sure whether there's is something important there, but worth a try as someone might have written something about the History's business program (with link) or quotting. Nothing till now I could find tho.



Thanks or all your efforts

I will let Tony know you posted, and tell him to read what you've submitted, unless you contact him first. He may even be following the thread and see this himself. 

please contact him, probably

please contact him, probably its way faster.



I just did.

Thanks again. 

The clip you show wasn't part of

the episode on History's Business where I saw Larry Silverstein and artist's renditions of the new Freedom Tower.

What I remember seeing was the artist's rendition with the antenna spire on the corner. If you Google "artist's rendition of freedom tower" you will see the one with the antenna spire on the corner.

The antenna location was changed to the center later and it is what is shown in the clip you provided. I don't know when it was changed, but all I remember from the show was the artist's rendition with the spire on the corner and it being said that it would be 1,776 feet tall.



Artists Renditions of the Freedom Tower

Here's the link you were having trouble posting Tony.

These are the artists impressions Tony saw on the History's Business show. It also mentions in the upper right corner (on photos 1 and 9) that the new design was unveiled in December 2003.


*edit* - Seems the above link isn't clickable for some reason, you'll just have to copy and paste it. 



thanks for the info

worth the try tho. Will keep diggind«g