.... A New Pearl Harbour

I watched the events of 911 unfold as they happened and from the getgo I immediately thought it was a "False Flag" attack. When I heard Bush make the  statements in the attached video, I was sure of it. The ensuing 14 years and myriad sources of "conspiracy" have confirmed it.





9/11 Cover-Up? Three US-Journalists Dead Within 24 Hours

Ned Colt of (NBC) died of a stroke.
Bob Simon of (CBS) died in a car crash.

David Carr (NY Times), 58, a columnist for the New York Times, fell out dead in his office Thursday just after interviewing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden about the release of secret documents in a “Times Talks” episode which was captured on video via Google Hangouts.

He also had just come out against Brian Williams from NBC while on CBS… calling Williams out for lying about being shot down in the Iraq war.

The three deaths cause a certain controversy, given reports and investigations of the russian TV-channel RT that mentions that all three journalists were planning a joint documentary about the 9/11 attacks and possible involvement of the US government. According to unconfirmed reports, they also made requests for access to russian archives in the course of research for the 9/11 documentary.